Ashley Robinson Headshot

Executive Coach Certification with Assenter, ICF ACC (in progress)
Former Executive Director in Career Services at two Ivy Leagues

This is my story

Hello! I’m Ashley and a Coach with Ama La Vida. I support folks in the Career and Leadership space. I was born in the Bay Area and recently returned after spending 17 years on a journey that took me to Europe, the UK, Portland, and New York.

I landed my dream job in my mid-20s only to discover it wasn’t that dreamy. While it looked great on paper in a truly competitive field (hello artworld), it wasn’t my career path. Welcome my first career change into higher education.

I’ve spent the past decade in higher ed building career programs and coaching job seekers as well as recruiters (!) across all industries. I’m a connector and I love people.

My passion is helping people uncover their unique gifts and supporting their evolution, whether it’s in discovering new skills, a career path, or development as a leader. I love the messy bit in the middle where ambiguity and discovery prevail and where, together, we can unearth your purpose and align your values with your professional aspirations.

I Serve

Leaders who…
  • suffer from Imposter Syndrome
  • want support in making important decisions
  • are first-time managers
  • want to lead to inspire their people
Professionals who…
  • want to become more self-aware
  • are looking to align their values with their work
  • discover areas for growth
  • are looking to discover a better career fit
People who…
  • are willing to discover their purpose
  • would like to align their values with their work
  • are open, curious, and able to look within for the answers
  • want to feel empowered to take risks
  • are not afraid to “make mistakes” – I’ll help you with this!

My Coaching Approach

I support your journey by creating a space for you to take risks and help you feel empowered about your choices. I will guide you through an exploration where you will approach every obstacle with a beginner’s mind of curiosity, gaining an elevated understanding of yourself and cultivating a deeper connection and alignment to your purpose.

I will meet you in the muck and we will make sense of the chaos together to help you move forward. Trying something different or new, big or small; whether it is a new position, a new connection for the job you dream about, a difficult leadership decision, expanding a business, leading a team, or approaching your day differently, I want you to feel empowered to lead your life with joy and curiosity.

As a Career Coach, I will help you get unstuck and create a strategy for your next steps. From industry exploration to interview prep, I will join you on a journey to find that perfect job.

As Leadership Coach, I will help guide you through the ambiguity and decision-making process and help you navigate challenges by uncovering your unique gifts and building a roadmap to success.

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