International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (ICF-ACC)

15+ years Enterprise Sales Experience
10 years Project Consulting Experience

Certified ICF Professional Coach- Solutions Academy PCC training 
Certified ICF Professional Coach- ACA Coach Academies ACC training
Certified Holistic Career & Life Coach – Institute for Career Coaching
Certified Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Resilience at Work Assessment Debrief Certification- Sloan Group

BS Economics, Business Administration Northern Illinois University

This is my story

Hello, I am Audrey Rieland, and I am a certified ICF professional coach with Ama La Vida. Before embarking on my work of living my values being a Professional Coach, I worked in Corporate America for 25+ years.  

I understand the demands and expectations placed on professionals today:

  • Navigating corporate politics and managing up 
  • Managing your professional development and network
  • Wanting to advance in title and experience
  • Career and life transitions
  • Effective career exploration and job search strategies 
  • Trying to balance personal and professional lives
  • Feeling worn out and stressed and not engaging in self-care 
  • Re-entry into work after a career break 

I was raised in Chicago and loved living in the city, though I made the move to the suburbs after both of my kids were born. I enjoy the many trails for walking/biking and our local yoga/pilates studios and recently began playing pickleball and love it!! 

I see myself as a mother, a wife and a passionate individual who is driven to empower those around me to thrive, and build confidence. I am a proud mother of 2 children (both in college at Indiana University) who was fortunate to pivot in my career when my kids were young, and then again when I wanted to pursue coaching. Looking back, I struggled with finding the right balance between my professional life and being a mom. The struggle between staying the traditional corporate career path versus pursuing other work and passions was not an easy one for me. 

I spent the first part of my career in Corporate America in Enterprise Sales and was fortunate to work for strong organizations that invested in their employees by providing great sales and leadership development programs. When business travel took its toll after my daughter was born, I transitioned from Enterprise Sales into contract work as an independent project consultant. However, during my consulting days, I learned how much I missed the relationship management side of sales, and found myself pursuing projects related to sales and sales training. I returned to a high pressure sales role, but began feeling “burnt out” and “stressed.” 

Seeking balance, I pivoted once again and became a certified health coach which opened up a new door for me. I met several amazing coaches and had the fortune to work with my very first coach who helped me realize my gift of connecting with people and ability to help them “think outside the box” and explore career transition. I have also been called upon over the years to help several friends and family members to network and coach on job transitions and career management. 

This journey has shown me that life is all about exploration and finding a balance that works for you! There is no one right answer. I believe in helping my clients explore all their options and help them manage their careers and personal lives to find solutions that work for them.

Leaders who:
  • Are first-time and mid-level (Director and VP’s) managers, who seek coaching to develop their communication skills and leadership abilities, and advance within their organization.
  • Want to increase their effectiveness as leaders by refining decision-making, problem-solving, and delegation skills.
  • Aspire to grow in their careers and need guidance in getting promotions, managing up, networking, and taking on new challenges.
Professionals who:
  • Are in career transition and need help identifying transferable skills, exploring new industries, and developing a plan for a successful transition.
  • Require practical strategies for networking, resume writing, LinkedIn branding, interview skills, and salary negotiation to stand out in the job market.
  • Are experiencing burnout, or a downsizing, or guidance on rebuilding their careers.
People who:
  • Are returning to work after a career break (return to work Mom’s). 
  • Are new moms juggling the demands of work and personal life. 
  • Are looking to improve their health and wellness.
  • Want to feel confident in their abilities and build self-belief to pursue their passions and goals.
  • Are recent graduates who seek assistance enriching their communication skills, identifying their strengths, exploring career options, and developing job search strategies.

My Coaching Approach

As a career, leadership, health, and life coach, you will find that I am easy to talk to and open up to. I have a passion for helping others connect and move forward from wherever they are today. I partner with my clients with empathy and kindness, to increase confidence, self-awareness, growth, and creating a life that is more fulfilling.  

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my own career and well-being. I am often the “go-to” connector to help friends, family, and clients with career and life transitions. 

From a health coaching perspective, I have always enjoyed sports, exercise and health trends. I was a gymnast and then college cheerleader. While I loved both, these hobbies contributed to my struggle with body image issues. I was always on a diet and reading up on the latest health trends. In college, I trained for a “physique” contest and learned a lot about how you can transform your body by diet and exercise (it was extreme!). That experience gave me a new perspective on what is realistic and changed my relationship with food and exercise. I soon became an expert for my friends and family around diet and food and pursued my health coaching certification at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). At IIN, I learned that food is more than what you find on your plate. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career, and a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When “primary food” is balanced and satiated, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary. 

I’m excited to meet you and support you on your journey whether it be career, health, or both!

What my clients say

“I had my year end performance review and it went so, so well. The feedback I received was that amidst a year of complete chaos, I shined, controlling what I could with a smile on my face. I know without a doubt, Audrey played a huge role in that. I want to thank Audrey as it has been a year of leadership growth for me and I couldn’t have done it without Audrey’s coaching support.” – Molly M.

“My experience with Ama La Vida has been extremely beneficial in redirecting my life and career goals so that I am now on a path towards a solid career in art, something I never would have imagined before my coaching with Audrey. The process allowed me to identify what drives me and how to take the aspects of my life that give me joy and turn that into my actual work. I cannot thank Ama La Vida and Audrey enough for helping me find this direction.” ~ Peggy G.

“Working with Audrey has changed my entire outlook on my career journey. Audrey has shifted the way I view what is possible for me, helping me to expand my understanding of networking, making a change and championing my core skills. Not only is she thoughtful during our sessions, but I know Audrey keeps me top-of-mind throughout each week, sharing links and article notes whenever she sees something I might find helpful or useful. Audrey is sweet and sincere, and has had a tremendous impact on how I feel about my growth and ability to one day transition to leadership. I wish everyone could work with her and see the impact she can have on their future.” ~ Jackie K. 

“Audrey’s professionalism, kindness and knowledge are some of the reasons why I highly recommend her as a coach. Audrey’s incredible talent for reading people and showing empathy have helped me feel comfortable opening up so I can move forward. After a coaching session with Audrey I always feel inspired.” ~ Mary S., Special Services at Greater Chicago Title Company 

“Audrey is absolutely amazing. She has helped me completely turn my life back around. She is friendly and genuinely cares about my success. Her kindness and positive attituded is contagious and just what I needed to lift my self up to become what I always was. I am so excited to have her guidance.” ~ Shala D., Senior Payroll Administrator at PayTech 

“Audrey took the time to coach and mentor me during my journey of finding a new path in my career. She truly listened to what I was looking for, asked me thought-provoking questions, and gave extremely sound advice. Her positivity, uplifting attitude, and industry knowledge were key in sending me in the right direction for my new role. She is also has a very genuine, honest, and caring personality. I continue to seek out Audrey’s guidance time and time again, and would recommend her coaching in a heartbeat!” ~ Molly C.

“Working with Audrey helped me regain my confidence and rebuild my self-esteem. We met twice a month and I decided to increase the frequency to also include celebrity sessions with Cindy who was phenomenal. At the time my mental health was also struggling due to burnout and I was stuck in a rut but fast forward to now, I received over 15 interviews, and I was happily overwhelmed, I was turning some down. I received 3+ offers and in the end, the choice I made felt in my best interest keeping in mind the work-life balance and low stress. I also learned to let go! Very important. Audrey helped me be true to myself than be desperate. The work we did has equipped me with my future job changes as well.

My self-care habits also improved, I stuck to my well-being goals and started working out, meditating, and taking care of myself because I had two fantastic coaches helping me through my rough patch. The best thing is that ALV HAS TONS of resources, their career module is AHMAZZINGGG!, It made me reflect deeply and helped me be more patient. I knew that I didn’t want to rush this process. Also, Audrey helped me seek guidance from other Coaches as well when needed and provided me with amazing webinar recordings that truly helped while doing my homework.

I highly recommend this” ~Mehar M.

“ALV changed my life! Seriously. I was skeptical at first but I am so grateful my coach, Audrey, helped me find my passions and go for them! This program is for everybody looking to hone in on a career they love. 😀” – Austin P.

“I was hesitant to try a coach but now I recommend it to all my colleagues and friends! My coach, Audrey, helped me think through the life changes I wanted to make and then pushed me when I would have hesitated at key moments. My life today is substantially better than when I started this process. I wanted to choose my next job with intention and Audrey’s support and guidance helped me find a great position.” – Alex N.

“I have loved working with Audrey – she has truly changed the way that I see myself, and how I put aside time to think about my career and life. I am so much better for all of the time I’ve spent getting to know her – and I’m grateful to the huge, positive impact that ALV has had on my life. THANK YOU!” – Jackie K.

“Thank you, all for the help! I am a data-focused decision maker that was struggling to make a decision on my own. Audrey was able to pull her many resources together to get me in the right direction. There’s no way, I could have the knowledge & resources she has, you can definitely tell this is her specialty and that she puts the time and work into it. I am currently looking for work and hope to work with Audrey again so she can coach me in my new job, more on the softer people touches, rather than data. Thank you again.” – Sabrina J.

“My coach was absolutely incredible and helped me on all the stages of my process. I couldn’t have done it without her!” – Amanda S.