15 years Enterprise Sales Experience 
10 years Project Consulting Experience 
Career Specialist
Certified Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition
BS Economics, Business Administration Northern Illinois University 

This is my story

Hello, I am Audrey Rieland, and I am a career and health coach with Ama La Vida. I was raised in Chicago and loved living in the city, though I made the move to the suburbs after both of my kids were born. Now that I’m here, I enjoy the many trails for walking/biking and our local yoga, cycle, and pilates studios. 

I see myself as a mother, a wife and a passionate individual who is driven to empower those around me to thrive, and build confidence. I am a proud mother of 2 teenagers who was fortunate to pivot in my career when my kids were young, and then again when I wanted to pursue coaching. Looking back, I struggled with finding the right balance between my professional life and being a mom. The struggle between staying the traditional corporate career path versus pursuing other work and passions was not an easy one for me. 

I spent the first part of my career in Corporate America in Enterprise Sales and was fortunate to work for strong organizations that invested in their employees by providing great sales and leadership development programs. When business travel took its toll after my daughter was born, I transition from Enterprise Sales into contract work as an independent project consultant. However, during my consulting days I learned how much I missed the relationship management side of sales, and found myself pursuing projects related to sales and sales training. I returned to a high pressure sales role, but began feeling “burnt out” and “stressed.” 

Seeking balance, I pivoted once again and became a certified health coach which opened up a new door for me. I met several amazing coaches and had the fortune to work with my very first coach who helped me realize my gift of connecting with people and ability to help them “think outside the box” and explore career transition. I have also been called upon over the years to help several friends and family members to network and coach on job transitions and career management. 

This journey has shown me that life is all about exploration and finding a balance that works for you! There is no one right answer. I believe in helping my clients explore all their options and help them manage their careers and personal lives to find solutions that work for them.

My Coaching Approach

As a career specialist and health coach, you will find that I am easy to talk to and open up to. I have a passion for helping others connect and move forward from wherever they are today. I approach my clients with empathy and kindness, with a flare of offering my own career and health journey experiences. 

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly looking for ways to improve my own career and well being. I am very open to several health and well being modalities. I am often the “go to” connector to help friends, family, and clients with career and life transition. 

From a health coaching perspective, I have always enjoyed sports, exercise and health trends. I was a gymnast and then college cheerleader. While I loved both, these hobbies contributed to my struggle with body image issues. I was always on a diet and reading up on the latest health trends. In college I trained for a “physique” contest and learned a lot about how you can transform your body by diet and exercise (it was extreme!). That experience gave me a new perspective on what is realistic and changed my relationship with food and exercise. I soon became an expert for my friends and family around diet and food and pursued my health coaching certification at Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). At IIN, I learned that food is more than what you find on your plate. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career and a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When “primary food” is balanced and satiated, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary. 

I’m excited to meet you and support you on your journey whether it be career, health, or both!  

What my clients say

Audrey’s professionalism, kindness and knowledge are some of the reasons why I highly recommend her as a coach. Audrey’s incredible talent for reading people and showing empathy have helped me feel comfortable opening up so I can move forward. After a coaching session with Audrey I always feel inspired.. ~ Mary S., Special Services at Greater Chicago Title Company 

Audrey is absolutely amazing. She has helped me completely turn my life back around. She is friendly and genuinely cares about my success. Her kindness and positive attituded is contagious and just what I needed to lift my self up to become what I always was. I am so excited to have her guidance. ~ Shala D., Senior Payroll Administrator at PayTech 

Audrey took the time to coach and mentor me during my journey of finding a new path in my career. She truly listened to what I was looking for, asked me thought-provoking questions, and gave extremely sound advice. Her positivity, uplifting attitude, and industry knowledge were key in sending me in the right direction for my new role. She is also has a very genuine, honest, and caring personality. I continue to seek out Audrey’s guidance time and time again, and would recommend her coaching in a heartbeat! ~ Molly C.

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