BA in Political Science from The University of Michigan
JD from Loyola University Law School
Certified Professional Coactive Coach
Korn Ferry Leadership Architect
Five Faces of Genius
Yoga Instructor (200 hours)

This is my story

Hi, my name is Betsy Westhoff. I am a Leadership Coach with Ama La Vida, a life- long Chicagoan, a marketer, a connector, and an ideator.  I am also a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, aunt and dog lover! I have learned that each and every step along our journey shapes who we are and informs us about who we are becoming and I believe that leadership is first and foremost a dedication to oneself.

While I focus on executive and leadership coaching, I also enjoy working with clients looking to make a career transition. My coaching practice is dedicated to helping individuals and teams to be their best.  Together we will assess strengths and opportunities and harness the energy from those learnings to move toward committed goals.   Establishing your goals will be fun, energizing and thought-provoking. I promise!

My journey to coaching is winding, and it started with me committing to my strengths. For the longest time, I knew I was good at being a student. After high school I attended the University of Michigan. After my time there I was lacking direction about professional goals so I followed my “student” strength and attended  Law School. It took a few years for me to learn that my right brain wanted to get creative!

Over the course of my career I have practiced law and led marketing teams at a Fortune 100 Company, a company focused on marketing to Women and Moms, and at a Chicago-based Non-Profit. I have served on boards advising on strategic planning, marketing and business development. I have also coached and mentored rising female leaders and entrepreneurs through Women Unlimited and Chicago Innovation while also having had the privilege of assisting Coach Training courses where I was trained at The Co-Active Training Institute. 

In addition to these professional experiences, I bring my natural curiosity, intuition, a sense of humor, and a careful, thoughtful listening ear to my relationships. I believe that the most memorable touchpoints in our lives are the result of building lasting, trusting relationships.

My Coaching Approach

Curiosity drives me; and as your coach, I will invite you to join me to be curious about you. What fulfills you? What turns you off completely? What is your vision for the future? How are you planning to get there, and what other options should we consider?  Do you know what holds you back from making next steps decisions or acting on them? 

I see coaching as a partnership. As the client, your responsibility is to be open, curious, and light-hearted.  My role is to listen, respond and help you examine avenues for growth. I see this work as joyful, clarifying, thought-provoking and life-changing.  As your coach, I am committed to meeting you where you are and challenging you to get where you want to go with creativity, commitment and deep respect. 


As a result of coaching from Betsy, I was able to shift my mindset, get past my self-limiting beliefs and launch a side-hustle that is both impactful and fulfilling!

Amy C.

Since I’ve started my coaching program, I now appreciate my unique contributions to the management team. Previously, I would stay quiet, sometimes lacking the confidence to speak up. Now, I have greater trust that I am in my role for a reason, and I feel empowered to share my perspective.

Ali M.

I reached out to Betsy Westhoff for help at a critical point in my career and what we have accomplished together to date has far exceeded my expectations. I never could have made a transition to a fantastic new job in a new industry without her guidance. Betsy is brilliant, perceptive, and a gifted problem solver. She does not waste time and holds her clients highly accountable. Once she understands your goals (and dreams!), she will empower you to take a cathartic path to new beginnings – a fresh start  – both personally and professionally. It’s hard work but worth it. And she is with you every step of the way providing the tools necessary to think harder, reflect, and focus.

I am relatively new to this job and appreciate Betsy’s coaching as I assume more responsibility. In particular, I like how she blends coaching and consulting. Her years of experience make her perspective valuable. I also appreciate how she keeps things “light,” which allows me to consider how I want to handle some of the more demanding situations. Betsy builds connection and trust quickly. I had never had a coach before but it is very clear how valuable this partnership can be. Over the last several months, I have seen changes in my behavior that are benefiting me both in the office and out of work.

Ready To Try Coaching?

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