Coach Brenna's Headshot

Certified Holistic Coach, Radiant Coaches Academy
Strengths Coach certified to administer CliftonStrengths assessment, Gallup
BA Journalism, University of Georgia

This is my story

I am truly living a life that I love. My life is full of exciting experiences, personal growth, people I love, passion-driven work and wonder at every corner. It took me a minute to get here. That’s not to say the chapters of my life that I’ve already lived haven’t been great – they really have been! But when I realized I was living my life on autopilot, centered around others’ expectations of me, I knew I had to do something. I switched my life into manual mode, and boy am I enjoying the ride.

Manual mode has required my presence, bravery, vulnerability, honesty, action and growth. It’s taken time, reflection, encouragement and several trusted advisors.
If you’re anything like me, you may be struggling to balance what you feel others expect from you with what you really wish you could do. What would it be like if you were free of those expectations and could make that wish come true?

I love helping clients shift into manual mode. Learning how to listen to your own voice is a process, and it’s crucial to building a life you really love. I help my clients increase their self-awareness, get “unstuck,” work through challenges and goals and take action toward a more fulfilling life.

My Coaching Approach

I lead with the belief that my clients are whole people, not projects to be “fixed.” I love leading people to lightbulb moments that help them get “unstuck” wherever they need it. I am a highly empathetic person who truly enjoys holding space for others and helping them name, claim and aim natural talents and turn them into strengths. I lead with positivity to help clients explore possibility and work toward their goals with confidence and clarity.


“Brenna does a great job of asking insightful questions and causing you to dig deep into self-reflection. She also has the perfect balance between coaching and facilitation. She’s able to allow me to draw my own conclusions and steer the conversation while also coaching me through the topics I bring up. She does this well in team settings as well! Brenna’s preparedness and intentionality with sessions makes me feel that she really cares for the time we have together – in how she sets agendas and provides follow-up resources and tips.”

“It was very helpful for me to talk everything out with someone. Brenna asked thought-provoking questions that helped me answer my own questions and provided me with more clarity. We identified what my ideal role could look like and any deal breakers. We also identified some actionable steps to help the job search not be so overwhelming.”

“I love the freedom that we have to discuss what work looks like AND what is happening in my personal life. I think understanding how they overlap actually gives you the room to be a better employee.”

“Working with Brenna feels so natural and uplifting. Brenna is really, really great at encouraging the ah-ha process. She has an uncanny ability to see when an ah-ha moment is happening and press in for more. I really like that Brenna uses time to “practice” what I learned like “let’s play this out, you describe your strengths to me…” because I feel like it sticks that much more.”

“Working with Brenna is an absolute dream! She has a listening heart. I approached Brenna about helping me re-hone in on my top strengths as I continue to grow as a professional and move into managing people. She really took the time to help me get re-familiarized with my strengths and how to use them in my professional career, but also set boundaries!”

“Working with Ama La Vida has been fantastic! As a coach in a different field, I really saw the value of having a coach with navigating a career change or career questions. Brenna was so warm and thoughtful and really helped me sit through my own thoughts but also challenging me on different fronts to take actionable steps and really think deeply. It has been of tremendous value to me!” – Emily F.

“Ama La Vida gave me the tools I needed to navigate the overwhelming process of job-searching AND they held me accountable for reaching my goals in the timeline that I proposed – which turned out to be really important. I got what I paid for and more.” – Rachel F.