Coach Brooke's Headshot

Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Certified Enneagram Practitioner, Integrative Enneagram Solutions
Psychology of Leadership Certificate, Cornell University
Certified Professional Coach, iPEC
Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), iPEC
BA, Business Management, The University of Georgia
Named Top 21 Executive Coaches in Seattle in 2020

This is My Story

Hello! I’m Brooke McCord, a Coach here at Ama La Vida. I was born in Sonoma, raised in Atlanta, lived in Seattle for a few years, traveled in a van, spent some time in Hawaii, and now am back in Atlanta. I enjoy cooking, playing tennis, being outdoors, exploring new places, and spending time with friends and family. 

I love helping people (hello, enneagram 2!), and I do this through listening, increasing their self-awareness, and supporting them to move closer to their goals. This passion led me away from an unfulfilling career as a Consultant to becoming a Coach. I support people who want to live life to their fullest and achieve their goals – in their leadership, their career, and their life. 

We only get one life and we get to choose how we show up and how we live it.

I Serve

Leaders who…

  • are first time managers  
  • have never received training
  • are looking to increase their effectiveness
  • want to grow in their self-awareness
  • strengthen their team and culture

Professionals who… 

  • are pivoting careers
  • want to figure out what they want
  • are building a career they love
  • need help with their resume, LinkedIn, and/or interview skills

People who… 

  • want to grow self-awareness
  • need help with goal setting and achieving
  • struggle with routine and productivity
  • need help with setting (and enforcing) healthy boundaries
  • struggle with conflict and communication

My Coaching Approach

My approach is to create a safe space, ask thought-provoking questions, challenge the way you think, and move you forward. I am a firm believer that you’re the expert of your life and know so much more than you think – give yourself some credit!

In addition to pure coaching, I bring in tools (such as the Enneagram, frameworks, and modules) to help you grow. Whether you are a leader, a career-shifter, or someone who just wants to optimize your life, I will help you grow in your self-awareness, determine your direction, and know the steps to get there so you become who you want to be and feel more confident along the way.

What my clients say

“Brooke is warm and kind, professional and knowledgeable. At a critical point in my life, Brooke stepped in and helped me to define and clarify what I wanted out of life and my relationships. Through assessment and reviewing resources and options, Brooke helped me to create an action plan, and instilled motivation and commitment within me. She was the person I needed to help calibrate and keep me on track, and she celebrated my successes along the way. Brooke provided accountability and a safe space for me to process, dig, and discover my truth and therefore, my freedom.” ~Hannah G.

“Brooke is the type of person that can quickly go deep and asks hard questions with ease. She draws out the root of the matter, and can simultaneously affirm good behavior and gently help one consider improvements. She has a genuine care and concern for others and wants to see and help people do well. I have learned so much about healthy conflict and transparency in friendship in my interactions with Brooke, and I am so grateful, as these lessons have benefited me in my marriage and in my job. Brooke is relatable and warm, kind but real.” ~ Maggie M.

“Brooke is an excellent listener and a natural coach.  She asks empowering questions and helps me discover what I really want and what is getting in my way. From there we develop an action plan. Brooke’s guidance and positive, supportive energy, help me to continue moving forward in my life. I always feel uplifted and motivated to achieve my goals after our sessions!” ~Evan H.

“Brooke helped me immensely in figuring out how to bring my personal values and passions into my future work. She was so supportive throughout the process and I would not be where I am without her. The ALV method has set me up to pursue a career I love AND has given me the skills I need to get there.” ~Aidan B.

“I’m so grateful that I found Ama la Vida and was able to connect with Brooke as my career counselor. Brooke has been amazing in guiding me through the modules, helping me talk out all of my stress at work and as well as giving showing me that I’m great at my job and deserve a job where I’m happy. This program gave me the tools I needed to prepare for applying for jobs and I wouldn’t be able to do that without Ama la Vida and Brooke.” ~Melanie V.

“I’ve been working with Brooke at Ama La Vida for the last 6 months. I knew that I needed to make a plan for my next career move but had no idea where to start. Everyone at ALV that I spoke to as I got started was incredibly helpful and I started a bi-weekly subscription with them. Brooke has been so patient during this time. We’ve gone from talks of confidence all the way to mock interviews. I’m now entering the phase of real interviews after sending out resumes and cover letters and I can tell that I feel so much more confident walking through this because of the coaching I’ve had. This program was such a valuable asset to me in this transition and time of questioning. It worked for me and I am so glad that I invested in myself.”

“While working with Coach Brooke, she was so adept at keeping me focused, accountable, providing clear direction and assignments after each session. Additionally, she offered doable strategies to ensure that I remained positive while working on my vision and goals. This was truly the best investment in myself, as the coaching experience was invaluable in so many ways.”

“I really enjoyed Brooke and the Ama La Vida program. Brooke was fabulous and very easy to communicate with. She was always quick to respond and always happy to help. Brooke helped me prepare “To Get the Job” she revamped my resume and helped me with prepping for interviews. I’m very happy and would recommend Brooke and the Ama La Vida program to anyone.”

“I am so thankful that I got to work with Brooke for the last 3 months to guide me for my future adventure.  I have looked at a couple of coaching possibilities and I am glad I chose ALV.  Their module was very comprehensive and by working through various modules I was able to get my questions answered.  I loved my coach Brooke who gave me honest feedback along with positive support.  I can’t believe how much we have covered within this short period of time.  I would give more stars if I could.  I highly recommend Ama La Vida.  Thanks again for all your help, Brooke!”

“I had a great experience with ALV. Brooke was my coach and really helped me to develop my interviewing skills. When it came to my resume, she asked the right questions which helped her to understand what I do and how I would like to present myself professionally. She is very patient, thoughtful and an absolute gem!”

“Brooke was absolutely AMAZING. I wouldn’t have wanted another coach. She supported, challenged, helped me grow and I believe had great rapport.”

“Brooke is dynamic and a wonderful coach. My needs were more in the self-help and self-improvement realm. I was in a rough place when I signed up personally and professionally and not thinking clearly when I started. As an introvert, overthinking is the enemy a lot of things are in our head and habits of repetitive thought replays. She encouraged me to keep my anchor down in times where I would be reactive or swept away by emotion. I am confident Brooke could easily assist people in need of a new job or career. She is wonderful at reading people. She encourages approaching situations from position of strength. She helped me realize why I need to set boundaries with myself as a source of confidence building. It is a basic tenant: we can only control what we do. I do not always feel that way about thoughts popping into my head. One her best recommendations was of meditation and to let go of blaming others for what I had not yet achieved or really dedicated myself towards working to achieve. She encouraged me to live my life not to please others and accept things with grace. Up next for me is planning the life I want to live. I plan to have different conversations the next time I sign up which focus on the new career I want to build.” ~ Jon W.

“I absolutely loved working with Brooke and she was invaluable in discovering my values and gifts. In working with Brooke, she instilled confidence in me during my frustrating job search as a new mother of 2 under 2 and helped me reaffirm that I am a capable attorney. Brooke also helped me with my interview skills, which helped me land my job (and other offers too!). While I made great progress working with Brooke, I am starting my new job (and jumping back into my career) and will likely not have the time to fit in full coaching sessions. Thank you Brooke for being one of my biggest cheerleaders throughout my job hunt!” ~ Candice F.

“Through Teach for America I was able to have 6 sessions with a career coach through Ama La Vida. I was paired with Brooke and could not have been more thrilled with my experience. Brooke was incredibly organized and came in with a plan for our six sessions that began with getting to each other and got me to get to know myself and my personal/professional goals and passions. Once identifying those, we identified potential jobs, perfected my resume to match different job descriptions, wrote a cover letter, and revamped my LinkedIn. Throughout the process she was extremely encouraging and gave honest feedback in order to create a candidate profile for myself that I felt confident about. I was able to secure a job in the field we had identified shortly after our sessions concluded and I attribute a lot of that success to my time with Brooke! If you are looking for guidance, accountability, and tools to take the next step in your career, Ama La Vida is a resource that I could not recommend more highly!” – Kayla G.

“Working with Brooke McCord through Ama La Vida on career and life coaching has been an incredibly helpful, insightful process. I came to Brooke at a very low point after experiencing burnout and didn’t feel like I understood myself or what I wanted out of my career anymore. Her approach was both caring and engaging through our candid dialogue and the ALV modules. I especially appreciated the gifts, values, passion and purpose exercises as well as the enneagram work, as they both helped me reconnect with and better understand myself and what I wanted out of my life and career. I also really enjoyed the additional webinars provided by ALV. Overall, it was such a meaningful experience and one I would recommend to anyone!” – Paige A.

“I could not have made it in this insane job market without Brooke and ALV coaching. The resume service, working my way through what I really wanted. It has been a true god send!” – Keshia P.

“I knew I needed help with my engagement at work but I didn’t realize that my current job was actually creating so many other problems in my life. My coach, Brooke, was patient with me and helped me see that I could do better. I discovered that it’s actually possible to live my dream, and I also was able to identify that dream too. I am now starting my own business in an industry that I’m passionate about. I feel super excited, hopeful, and optimistic about owning my own career and future.” – Kelly F.

“Brooke helped me see that the only limits were those that I was placing on myself. I’ve revolutionized my life and am living more authentically. Feels good to take ownership of my future!” – Kelly F.

“Ama La Vida has been an incredible experience. Although difficult at times, I better understand myself and and what I’m looking for in my career through my work with my wonderful career coach, Brooke. Their services are very comprehensive – between the career modules, one-on-one coaching and extra webinars, Ama La Vida is best in class!” – Paige A.L.

“My resume sessions with Brooke were challenging yet very fruitful, and I learned a lot and felt so supported every step of the way. I am very grateful for my time with this resource!” –  Jeremy O.

“ALV coaching helped me at a time when I was at my lowest in my career. I had been unexpectedly laid off, was pondering a career change, and had little knowledge or confidence about where to start. It was an amazing support system while I prepared for my job search, applications, and interviewing. I would recommend anyone looking to change their career and life to utilize their coaching services!” Connor R.