Cicely Headshot

Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Experienced Executive with over 20 years in various industries
BA, Business Management, St. Augustine’s College

This is my story

During my corporate experience, something was always missing for me. I felt like a square peg in a round hole. I wasn’t doing the work I loved and my authentic approach wasn’t always valued. To thrive, my secret sauce was understanding my unique talents and leveraging them to obtain opportunities that created fulfillment combined with utilizing my positive energy, being bold, creative, and customer-centric. I realized that people didn’t know their unique talents and how to leverage them to thrive in life and career.

My mission statement is to be a catalyst for change in professional development and career planning so that professionals’ careers align with their purpose and passion. So, I founded Passion for Life, Inc. (nonprofit) for youth and Life Purpose Architects, LLC. I understand how you are feeling right now, and I would love to partner in your success. Are you ready? I am!

I Serve

I guide and equip Leaders with strategies with:
  • Establishing executive presence
  • Building relationships and creating a management strategy
  • Navigating political landscape
  • Navigating the unknown
  • Solving problems and developing strategic plans
  • Planning your career and transition into new roles successfully
  • Discovering your passion, purpose, and vision within your role
I assist Professionals with:
  • Career planning and role transition
  • Personal brand and creating a personal brand presence in the workplace
  • Identifying and recognizing your unique talents and abilities, and creating value propositions
  • Leveraging your strengths to maximize results
  • Discovering their passion, purpose, and vision within your role
I help Job Seekers with:
  • Career discovery, planning, and creating a vision for your next role
  • Intentional interviewing and preparation
  • Developing a value proposition that sets you apart in the interview and with your resume
  • Interviewing coaching and techniques

My Coaching Approach

Are you asking yourself, “How can I do what I love as a career?” I get it and want to support you by answering that question. Let’s get to the heart of the matter, tapping into what’s already inside to create your desired career!

I am a transformative partner; I bring a contagious positive energy, which is what you can expect from me as your coach. My passion and purpose are to help you identify and unveil your passions, strengths, and values as a guide to thrive in your career.

I take a bespoke approach with each client. Think of me as your career development personal trainer. I will guide you, show you how to identify and craft a plan and strategy, and positively challenge you beyond your comfort zone. This will reveal your unique value proposition that you didn’t realize is possible and create a mindset change. This process will show you your aspirations are attainable.

What my clients say

“This past year, I have had the pleasure of being coached by Cicely Anderson. Because of Cicely’s unique coaching style and positive energy, I exceeded my initial goals, advanced myself professionally, and grew personally.” – Eric

“The results of having an accountability partnership are many. Empowerment, meeting deadlines, creating new content, positivity, SUCCESS, increased revenue, ability to do more.” – Carol

“ I have realized that I can live unapologetically about who I am in my personal and work relationships.” – Michelle