Dan McGinnis Headshot

Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology – Juris Doctorate
Dominican University – Master of Arts in Teaching (magna cum laude)
Saint Louis University – Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History (magna cum laude)

This is my story

Hi – I’m Dan. I’m a life and career coach, a litigation attorney, a Teach for America alum, an open-heart surgery survivor (2x!), son, partner, friend, live music lover and dog dad. I believe everyone was born with unique talents and seek to empower my clients to identify not only their talents, but also their values and preferences to become the fullest versions of themselves.

If you’re someone who’s worked hard and been driven to achieve educational and career milestones, but you still feel like “something’s missing,” – I get you and you’re my ideal client.

I have firsthand experience navigating the challenges of a competitive professional landscape where I was succeeding by conventional metrics, but couldn’t escape the feeling that I wasn’t on the right path for me. After navigating my own path of self-discovery, I became passionate about coaching others and empowering them to unlock their potential and live meaningful lives in concert with their values.

People who are:
  • High-achieving young professionals who are driven but stuck
  • At a crossroads or pivot point in their careers
  • Curious, open-minded, and open to taking calculated risks
  • Seeking greater purpose or meaning in their lives
  • Looking to reinvent themselves and start a new chapter in their personal or professional lives
  • At a transition point seeking help identifying transferable skills, rebranding professionally, and/or networking

My Coaching Approach

My coaching style is personalized to help you delve into your values, passions, and aspirations, ultimately uncovering a deeper sense of meaning. Besides connecting with clients on a personal level, I offer a supportive and non-judgmental space for introspection.

I work with clients to address the root causes of perceived lack of purpose, to discover your unique strengths, to set ambitious goals, and devise strategies to achieve them. I empower you to redefine success on your own terms as you realize your passions. Through our coaching relationship, we navigate the complexities of your aspirations, ultimately leading you to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.