BS Business Management and Psychology, Juniata College

This is my story

Hello! I’m Dan and have joined ALV as an Executive Leadership coach. I’m excited to share some of my “practical wisdom” with my clients from 30+ years working in both large Fortune 100 healthcare companies as well as small to mid-sized startup/growth firms in various senior leadership roles. Born in Pittsburgh, raised in South Jersey and currently reside in Atlanta for the past 29 years. My wife of 33 years and I have two wonderful daughters who have begun their own career journeys! I have been fortunate to grow my career with the assistance of tremendous mentors and have a sincere passion to coach high potential talent, new leaders and seasoned executives by infusing lessons learned and best practices to drive results.

There is so much I’ve learned throughout my business career “in the field” that I am eager to share in the coaching profession. I have specific experience in the following areas:

  1. High Potential talent development
  2. New Manager/Leader development
  3. Senior Leader direct management
  4. Strategic/Operating plan development/execution
  5. C-Suite/Board presentation development/delivery
  6. Market/Region growth results/market turnaround results
  7. Performance/Succession Plan management

My Coaching Approach

I like to understand how people arrived on their journey, so I ask lots of questions. I really enjoy asking questions that attempt to unlock someone’s true “want to” either in the short, medium or long term of their career. I’m a firm believer in totally controlling YOUR career development and path by living by a “YES IF…..” attitude and approach.

My approach is to build a trusting relationship by getting to know and understand your real goals and opportunities for growth, provide direct and open dialogue to mutually align on an aggressive plan to achieve the goals! I have a student-athlete background through college and try to utilize that competitive spirit and experience in my approach. I enjoy working with people who want to focus not only filling a potential gap in their skill set but, just as focused on turning a fairly solid skill into a superior strength that will propel their results and succession plan growth!

What my clients say

I have had the privelage of working under Dan’s leadership as the Florida Small Group Practice Leader and he was instrumental in building our success. He is a dynamic leader that not only provides support, leadership, but fully understands the market dynamics and needs of his his associates. I have had many good leaders in my career, but no one can compare to the knowledge and influence he has had over my growth. It was a pleasure working under his leadership and will continue to reach out to him as a mentor.” – Giselle Cushing, Market President at Cigna

“Dan has proven to be a true leader who possesses the skill of building successful teams from the ground up. He has the ability to develop sales people and leaders to meet and exceed goals under sometimes difficult circumstances. I worked for Dan for over 9 years and always knew that failure was not an option….we were always motivated (by him), to find a way to succeed. He is a driven, forward thinking, professional who would be an asset to any organization looking for growth and seasoned leadership.” – Sandra Harris, Kaiser Permanente Director, Large Group Sales & Account Management

“I have had the privilege and honor to work under Dan Ferruck’s leadership. Dan is a dynamic leader and one that can easily relate to his team. Under his leadership not only we were able to rebrand our position of Humana in the Commercial space in Florida, but we had a record sales year. Dan has a unique ability to empower people while coaching for success. He is a passionate sales leader that offers support when needed and has an ease to maneuver through difficult situations internally and externally with an eye for success and the cohesiveness of the team.” – Al Hernandez, Humana Vice President, Public Sector

“It was an honor to work under the leadership and guidance of Dan. Dan’s two biggest success’ when he took over responsibilities for the Florida market was his inherent ability to change sales culture and relentless commitment to strengthening relationships with our internal partners. Both proved critical to the success we experienced under his leadership. Dan has a very unique and special talent of connecting with people. His character and absolute drive to inspire others was essential in developing the Florida market into one of the top performing markets in the country. Further, it was no mistake that his two markets, Florida and Georgia, were the top two performing markets at Humana on his watch.” – Nik Palles, Humana Director of Sales

“I wanted to invest some time to articulate my view of Dan Feruck. I have worked with Dan for about 9 years. Under his leadership, we were able to significantly grow our business profitably. Dan has a unique ability to gain consensus around a goal and motivate his team to accomplish the task at hand. His ability to build sales teams is his true strength. While creating an environment for success, Dan expects the best from his team and drives people to look inside of themselves to see what they are capable of. Many times, they are not even aware of what is inside of them. This is an attribute of a true leader. Dan also possesses the talent to create strategies that are simple enough to execute on, yet meet the stated objectives. Personally, Dan has been a mentor to me and has positioned me for personal growth and success. For that, I will always be grateful to him and owe him a debt of gratitude. Lastly, and most importantly, he is a dear friend, and someone I can always rely on personally and professionally.” – John Dammann, Humana Market Vice President – Georgia/Alabama

“I’ve had the privilege of working under Dan Feruck’s leadership at Humana for seven years. New to a sales leadership role, Dan immediately took me under his wing serving as a mentor and providing valuable guidance throughout my tenure. He has a strong reputation based on his knowledge of the healthcare industry and his experience in the market. Dan has a unique ability to leverage his skillset to both drive results and foster relationships, both with the people who work with him and also the external customer base he supports. His relationships and networking abilities are unparalleled in the industry. Through Dan’s guidance and leadership, I have grown personally and professionally and I’m confident others on our team would say the same.” – Jamie Johnson, Humana Regional Director for Small Business

“The coach I worked with at Ama La Vida did a great job of getting to the root of the concerns I had and helped me to figure out what and how to improve on my interviewing and presentation skills. Highly recommend them.” – Andrew R.

“Your unwavering encouragement and guidance was instrumental in my interview process from start to finish. It was great knowing I had someone in the sales world cheering me on in such a huge step in my career. You encouraged me to get outside my comfort zone to stand out which led to the hiring manager telling me I was his #1 pick and maximize my negotiating skills. I can’t tell you how empowering that feels, especially as a female in the workforce.

Coaching is clearly something you take pride in and have a passion for. I hope everyone has someone who cares as much as you in their corner. 

I couldn’t recommend you enough.” – Jenny T.