Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
Executive Coaching Certification, Center for Executive Coaching
Emotional Intelligence in Leadership Master Certification, Genos International
DiSC, Wiley
Five Behaviors of a Team, Wiley
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Master Practitioner Certification, CPP
Senior Level Human Resources Certification, Society for Human Resource Management
Senior Level Human Resources Certification, Human Resources Certification Institute.S.B.A., with a concentration in Human Resources, Temple University

This is my story

Howdy! David Molotsky here and I am a Leadership Coach with Ama La Vida.

I grew up in the Philadelphia area but have also lived in Houston, TX and Orlando, FL. My career entry into HR is a bit unusual. I started as a behavior therapist working with children and adults with developmental disabilities. I learned so much about how to avoid placing others into a box and, instead, focusing on how and what they are communicating. Although I loved it, as someone who is ambi-brained (I like using my creative side as well as my analytical side), I decided to pursue my MSBA in Human Resources. This launched a career in Human Resources.

My corporate HR background includes over twenty-five years of talent management and development, coaching, training, and global human resource leadership experience. I have worked inside and consulted for healthcare, academic, software, social services, construction, and manufacturing as well as non-profit and for-profit corporations. As a strategic partner, I have managed corporate and division initiatives in diverse environments including growth, startup, restructuring, and closure.

I strive to understand situations from both the business and people sides, successfully coaching and challenging senior leaders, assessing issues and providing sound solutions. This helps me forge solid relationships with strategic partners and guide teams across organizational levels.

I am a strong proponent of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership. As a result I am passionate about partnering with talented leaders to identify and build upon their strengths and the strengths of their teams. That is truly the crux of my coaching practice.

I love learning and the exchange of ideas. To that end, I have taught a variety of professional development courses, am published for my work in diversity, and have served as adjunct faculty for Temple University’s Fox Business School.

Several years ago, in addition to my HR certifications, I decided to pursue and area I love and obtained Certifications as a Certified Executive Coach from the Center for Exceptional Coaching, Certified Genos International Emotional Intelligence Practitioner from Genos International, and a Master Practitioner in MBTI Master from CPP. I presently serve on the Board of Directors for The Music School of Delaware and for IMPACT Delaware Leadership and Mentoring Program.

My Coaching Approach

My coaching approach is founded in Emotional Intelligence. We explore what you know about yourself and your action, as well as what you know about and how you behave with others.

I genuinely believe that each person is powerful beyond measure. Life is full of challenges and “opportunities.” Through coaching, I like to explore how you can help yourself develop and see your power. As a coach, I do believe in holding you accountable so there will be action steps and follow-ups to help ensure your progress and success.

What my clients say

David’s understanding of people is remarkable. He skillfully supports individuals and groups to discover strengths and identify strategies to interact collaboratively and meaningfully.  He is an exceptional listener who coaches with compassion and emotional intelligence. His approach is practical, yet challenging. He motivates you to be the best you can be by encouraging you to set both realistic and aspirational goals. His honest, timely, and fact-based feedback is a key determinant leading to successful goal achievement.Dr. Anne Lara, EdD, MS, BSN, RN, Healthcare Leader and University Faculty

David is an amazing presenter. He’s able to articulate complex concepts in a relevant and practical way. His training expertise has propelled our agency to integrate emotional intelligence philosophical concepts within our trauma-informed organizational culture. -Dr. Julius Mullen, Ed.D., LPCMH, Chief Clinical Officer for Children and Families First

I reached out to Ama La Vida to assist me with a leadership issue that I was experiencing. I was assigned a professional coach who helped me correct this deficiancy in my leadership style. With the assistance of my coach, I was not only able to correct this issue, but worked on my overall leadership skills. Today, I am a much stronger leader, thanks to the help from Ama La VIda. My sincere thanks to the entire team at Ama La Vida! -Randy M.

I learned about ALV through a General Assembly course. I was paired with David and we had an initial consultation to walk through his coaching process. I knew David was a good fit because of his warmth and can-do attitude. Within days of our first session I had an offer for a large tech company. David helped me do additional research on the firm and weigh the pros and cons of taking the role. His expertise in HR and knowledge of the tech industry were extremely useful in helping me make the best decision. My job search was much shorter than anticipated and David made himself available to answer my questions outside of our normal meeting times. I look forward to working with David in the future as I continue to grow in my career. -Daniel M.

“I really enjoyed working with David as my coach. I came to him looking for a potential change in my career and what next steps could look like. He really helped me zero in on what I needed to think about, what skills I already had, and provided me with great resources to explore my interests. I was able to land a new role within my company, which he also helped me interview prep for, and together we built out a thoughtful transition plan for myself and my team.” -Mindy O.

“I highly recommend working with an ALV coach. I worked with David for several months during a particularly stressful time: I had taken on a new leadership role and had to navigate significant decisions around change management. He has given me the tools to trust my instinct and vision, even if that meant asking the right questions to probe my own biases. You cannot underestimate the value of having a professional in your corner that will take the time to learn about your – and your business’ – needs, and then use that to strategize with you your next step and celebrate your wins. Thanks, David!” -Celine B.

“ALV and coach David bring superior customer service and wonderful coaching. It’s a very supportive environment with so many resources. I felt empowered making a lateral move even though I was unsure of the positives that would come out of it. However, Coach David showed me all the positives of this for my career.” – Katherine H.

“When I started working with David at Ama La Vida, I was unsure what my next career step would be. Fast forward a year and I couldn’t have more certainty — I’ve now founded and launched my own company. Much of this progress is thanks to David and the Ama La Vida program. David was skilled at meeting me where I was at and tailoring our work to exactly what I needed. Every step of the way — from conceiving and developing the idea for the business to negotiating with clients and drafting our first contracts — David mentored me, drew on his own corporate experience, and generously offered to put me in touch with his network. While much of his valuable input was hands-on and practical, he was also empathetic and human, helping me navigate the stresses of becoming an entrepreneur. The uniqueness of the Ama La Vida program was valuable as well. For instance, the thought-provoking questionnaires at the outset helped me craft aspects of the business model and even the company name. The vastness of the ALV network was also key, as David set up celebrity sessions that helped me further develop the skillsets I needed to move forward. I would highly recommend working with David and ALV.” – Jens Gould, Founder at Amalga Group

“I wanted to let you know that in the past month, I’ve put into practice the learnings I got from our coaching sessions. The end result is that I’ve accepted an offer for a senior software engineer role from Apple! At this point, I can safely say that I’ve achieved my goal that I sought to accomplish when I signed up for AVL. I wanted to thank you and the AVL team for your guidance and support; without them, I don’t think I’d have accomplished my goal.” – Daniel L.

“Helpful, oriented, and efficient, Ama La Vida’s team helped me get myself sorted, get me focused, and helped me achieve my goals in a relatively short time. Anyone needing help? I highly recommend David Molotsky.” – Nate A.

“David is a wonderful, encouraging, and thoughtful coach who has made a tremendous impact on my personal and professional growth over the past few months. David has really helped me identify, work through, and build best practices for how to be a better decision maker while creating agility in my professional career. He holds you accountable for your work and celebrates you when you’ve accomplished a milestone. Moving forward, I know I’m in a great position personally and professionally in large part because I have so many best practices and guides to think through because of and thanks to David’s coaching. Thanks again for showing me I had the tools to create agility, fight through imposter syndrome, and make tough decisions consistently.” – Isaac T.

“I had the pleasure of working with David Molotsky as my executive coach for the past 6 months. I was transitioning to a leadership role in a new firm and during this time, David provided valuable guidance and support as I navigated through the maze of various professional challenges and opportunities.

David’s greatest strengths is his ability to understand my unique strengths and weaknesses, and to provide tailored advice and strategies to help me achieve my goals. Given David’s wealth of experience and deep understanding of the challenges new leaders face, I am confident David can accelerate development of key leadership skills, such as communication, decision making, and delegation.” – Glen F.

“Your coaching has elevated my executive presence and the work you’ve coached me through on my business plan has led me to be on my entrepreneurship path (way quicker than I even imagined!) Thank you!” – Alyson L.

“I really got to address my unique circumstances and had a fantastic relationship with my coach utilizing open communications and relying on their expertise to guide me in my journey. By the end of 3 months I felt like a different person. It was fantastic!” – Zach S.

“Ama la Vida was instrumental in my recent career change. I was struggling with direction and clarity on how to make this change, and my coach (David) was immensely helpful in pushing me to reflect on my skills and passions and helping to formulate a plan. He was great at keeping me on track and moving forward, and is a large part of my success in finding my new job in a different industry. Thank you David!” – Jack A.