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This is my story

Welcome to my corner of the world, a journey through life’s alleys of self-doubt, resilience and rediscovery that guides me to stand where I am today. As you’re here to learn a bit more about me, let me share my story, one that has shaped me into the person and leadership coach I am today.

My story begins in a rough neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, where the daily walk to school sometimes included detours around crime scenes. As the eldest of four children born to East African immigrants, life was anything but easy. My parents, despite facing the challenges of minimal resources, a language barrier, and no formal education, instilled in me the values of resilience and determination.

Growing up, I faced some tough challenges, including severe eczema and asthma that often landed me in the hospital and made school a battleground against bullying. Despite these struggles, I discovered my resilience, finding solace and expression in fashion and education. These interests helped me carve out my own identity amidst the chaos. One memorable moment came during an elementary school play where, despite feeling self-conscious about my eczema, I realized I could still shine—thanks to some kind words from my drama teacher. At age 12, a successful treatment gave me a fresh start and a new confidence, reinforcing the power of resilience and the importance of having supportive friends and mentors to help navigate life’s challenges.

My career path led me through various roles, from a Graphic Designer to HR Leadership roles, across diverse industries, including notable companies such as Gap, Tesla, Meta (Facebook), and Plaid. Each role was not just a job; it was a mirror reflecting the facets of my identity, constantly evolving, learning, and adapting.

Moving to the San Francisco Bay Area and facing the stark reality of rejection time and again was a forge that honed my identity. It was here, in the heart of failure, that I found the strength to turn self-doubt into self-compassion, realizing that every “no” was not a door closing, but an invitation to explore and rediscover who I am and what I stand for.

Becoming a mother was the catalyst that transformed my identity in ways I never imagined. The transition was challenging, filled with self-doubt and a relentless drive that sometimes left me feeling lost and disconnected.

However, it was the transformative power of coaching that opened my eyes to a new way of being. Working with a coach helped me navigate the complexities of life, career, and motherhood, leading me to a deeper understanding of myself, my values, my purpose, and who I want to be in this world. This journey of self-discovery was not just about finding balance but about redefining success on my own terms.

As a leadership coach, I am dedicated to empowering high-achieving leaders who balance multiple roles—a parent, partner, and professional. My journey has taught me the importance of resilience, the power of support, and the transformative impact of self-awareness. I am here to guide you through your own journey, to help you uncover your strengths, embrace your challenges, and step into your power as a leader.

My Coaching Approach

In my coaching, I utilize a deep understanding of neuroscience and its relationship with leadership to explore how leaders can optimize their cognitive processes, develop emotional intelligence, communicate effectively, manage stress and anxiety, and make better decisions. I place great importance on fostering authentic relationships where leaders can openly explore their strengths, opportunities, and blind spots. By fearlessly addressing areas of improvement and offering practical strategies to expand awareness and unlock untapped potential, I help individuals not only achieve results that impact business and team performance, but also experience greater personal fulfillment and become the leader and person they aspire to be. My method of coaching is focused on leading with awareness, purpose, and action.

I Serve…

I coach mid-career to senior executives who are stuck and want to unleash greater possibilities as well as leaders who are committed to ongoing growth and evolution in their leadership journey, aiming to create a more profound impact on individuals, teams, and entire organizations.