Gina Robinson Headshot

MA, Middlebury College
PhD, Yale University
Mother of two
Former tenured professor

This is my story

Welcome! I’m Gina Robinson, a Career Coach with Ama La Vida, and I’m excited to help you find the right career path for you. I’ve coached professionals in education, nonprofits, government agencies, and freelance work, and my goal is always the same: to help clients find work that aligns with their values, capitalizes on their strengths, and supports them as human beings.

Just a few years ago, I realized I was really unhappy in my career. I had been trying to make the best of it for years, but I finally had to admit that being a professor simply was not what I thought it would be. The idea of leaving felt like losing part of my identity as an academic, and I didn’t know if I would even have the skills to do anything else. But after nearly a decade as a professor, I left it all behind to find a career that aligned with my values and lifestyle. 

Making such a big transition took a lot of courage and self-exploration, and it was through that process that I discovered coaching. Being a coach aligns with my values of connection, curiosity, and authenticity, and I get the opportunity to guide clients and help them grow through the job search process.

I Serve

Individuals who…
  • Need help finding the right career path
  • Are considering graduate school
  • Want to leave teaching and/or higher education
  • Aspire to have a sustainable career and work/life balance
  • Are feeling overwhelmed and burned out
  • Need to work on resume, LinkedIn, and interview skills
  • Want to feel more confident and resilient in their job search
  • Identify as BIPOC, LGBTQIA, disabled, or neurodiverse

My Coaching Approach

With me as your coach, you’re in the driver’s seat: I believe that you have the answers within you, and my role is to guide you through insightful questions and reflective listening. Some clients have described my coaching as “talking to a wise friend who has your best interests at heart”. That’s a combination of compassion and accountability- I will meet you where you are, and then challenge you to become your best self.

My expertise is a combination of knowledge and experience to back it up. As a woman of color, I know firsthand that job-seekers from marginalized communities face unique challenges; as a coach, I have the tools to help clients face those challenges in a healthy and sustainable way. I can help you identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back, emotions that are getting in the way of good decision-making, and fears that keep you from playing bigger. I can help you look beyond where you are now, see that something better is out there, and go after it.

What my clients say

“Gina helped me work through some decision-making about my career trajectory. She excelled at reducing my anxiety during our discussions, and at ensuring I focused on completing small steps that affected the bigger picture. Also, our coaching sessions were FUN! Gina is very approachable and makes you feel like you are her only client. I always looked forward to our time together.” – Heidi, Department Chair, East Carolina University

“Gina helped me develop my own leadership as guided by my mission and values, rather than being guided by external things that were not authentically mine. She has helped me learn to value my personal time, and set healthy boundaries with my work, which has at times meant significant, if temporary, changes to the way I was approaching work.” – Joanna, Urban Planner

“Gina is the ideal coach for anyone who recognizes that there is more to life than the daily grind. If you know there is more out there for you, get in touch with Gina. Work closely with her to identify your goals and map out a plan to achieve them. Having Gina in your head will brighten your future.” – Becky, Epidemiologist

“I can’t tell you how much Gina helped me with my job journey. I honestly would not be where I am now without her guidance and support. She asked all the right questions, made me see my self worth and that I am still a valuable asset to the work force. Her job search recommendations were spot on. When I was spiraling in the chaos of the job search, she gave me focus. I would recommend Gina to anyone who is not only looking to find a job, but to find themselves. I will miss her.” – Kirsten G.

“I seriously can’t thank my coach enough for her support, guidance, and encouragement. I felt so lost career-wise when we started working together, and she helped me feel confident and professional every step of the way. She was a true teammate, and I am forever grateful.” – Scott W.

“I’ve loved working with Ama La Vida. Gina, my coach, was amazing! So helpful and supportive. I feel like she really understood my goals.” – Cheyanne C.

“I’ve been with Ama La Vida for about two months now, and it’s opened doors that I didn’t know were closed! Trying to make a career transition on your own can be so overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. My coach, Gina Robinson, webinars, and career assessments have all been super helpful in the process! Now, instead of feeling like I don’t have any community to help me, or that I’m stuck with what I have, I feel like I have hundreds of options and many individuals that can relate to my struggle and provide assistance. It can feel intimidating at first, but having multiple options has made me feel like I have a choice and that there is more than one path I can take towards securing a future for myself that I’m proud of.” – Courtney O.