iPEC Certified Coach
Business Coach Trained
Diversity & Inclusion Certified

Over 10 years experience as a Coach in Business, Leadership, Career, & Life Design

Conversational Spanish

Nice to meet you!

My main aim is to help people find work that they love. I believe when you highlight your natural gifts, skills, talents, strengths, education, and experience you’re able to uncover the best role for you.

When we work together, my focus is to hold you to your highest desire and vision. I do this by rooting you on, being your biggest cheerleader and accountability guide. I use my expertise and experience to help you with your next steps and I believe that taking inspired action is the answer to any challenge. I’m here to walk along side you on your journey and I hold you to your highest potential every step of the way.

What my clients say

“Before working with Jennifer I struggled with structure, completion of projects and focus. Now, I am able to take my projects from my mind out into the world now. I feel even more empowered to have my personal and professional dreams realized.” -Tomiko

“Our work together has taken me from a place of fear and longing to a place of action-taking and commitment to a completely new career. Her gifts are many and my experience with her has been uplifting and profitable. Thank you, Jennifer!” – Susan

“Wow, Jennifer was great, I’ve mapped out my whole plan, and I’m clear who I serve and what I help them with. I got my first paid customer and would not hesitate to recommend this program to others.” – Carla