John Christopher Headshot

PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology, Wayne State University
Better Conversations and Coaching certificate, Center for Creative Leadership
People Analytics certificate, University of California Irvine

This is my story

Hi, I’m John Christopher and I’m a career coach working with Ama La Vida.

I am one of the lucky people who found a career 30 years ago that has been a life-long passion. My work gives me a strong sense of purpose, meaning, enjoyment, and independence. It allows me to express my true self while also helping others succeed. My training is in psychology of the workplace and I started out in the people analytics world managing large scale customer and employee surveys. I switched to the college professor role for a decade and am now on the third stage of my career as a career coach. No matter what type of work I’ve done, the purpose has always been about helping others to succeed and helping leaders create healthy workplaces. I love my work!

But the journey hasn’t been all ‘rainbows and candy canes.’ I had to explore a few options before I discovered my ideal career track. Getting established in my career required focused effort over time. I faced barriers and challenges along the way. I made a few ‘bone headed’ mistakes along the way. And, I had to overcome doubts in my ability to succeed … my own as well as doubts of others. With a little creativity, resilience, and perseverance, I was able to work through these hurdles and let my natural ability guide me to a career I love.

I enjoy working with Ama La Vida members who are seeking new professional opportunities. Some people see career change as a chance to have a unique adventure that leads to personal fulfillment. For many, career change is about finding a developmental path that maximizes their true ability, achievement, and success. Others seek career change as a way of stepping back from a demanding work routine and finding more balance with lifestyle and personal pursuits. No matter what your goal is, I am ready to take that journey with you.

I Serve:

Leaders who…
  • Are entry-level managers who want a deep understanding of their leadership potential.
  • Want to increase their leadership effectiveness, self-awareness, capacity to manage teams.
  • Desire to collaborate, network, and partner with key stakeholders to achieve career success.
Professionals who…
  • Seek fulfilling and rewarding work opportunities that utilize their knowledge, skills, and ability.
  • Utilize goal-oriented strategies to maximize networking, interview, and negotiation resources.
  • Value constructive support and guidance as a component of professional development
People who…
  • Want to improve their communication skills and strengthen their personal brand
  • Want to build a professional connections and potential through effective networking
  • Want to increase self-awareness and adaptability in response to dynamic work environments
  • Want to establish boundaries and effectively balance work and life commitments

My Coaching Approach

Travel is one of my great pleasures in life. Like travel, my coaching approach focuses on exploration of new places and discovery of new insights. My goal is to understand where you are on your journey and support you during a challenging transition. I enjoy asking powerful questions, exploring different points of view, discovering relevant insights, and utilizing Ama La Vida resources to energize your journey.

You are the best guide for this journey and my role is to be a partner in your success. My goal is to be your trusted ‘sounding board’ and someone who provides the right support, encouragement, and the occasional ‘nudge’ as you move forward on your career journey.