BS in Business Administration, St. Louis University
Masters in Communication, St. Louis University
Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management, University of Notre Dame
Executive Certificate in Advanced Intercultural Management, University of Notre Dame
Certificate in Entrepreneurship, Washington University
Invite Change Professional Coaching Program
Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace, University of South Florida

This is my story

Hi! My name is Kate Swigelson. I am a Leadership Coach with Ama La Vida and am based out of St Louis, Missouri. My passions include live music, sports and being active. I am a big fan of the bands, Guns and Roses and Above & Beyond. Additionally, I love sports! Being a native St Louisan, you can find me cheering on the Blues or Cardinals! I am a very active person. For many years now, I start my day with yoga to calm and center myself. I absolutely love it. I spin weekly and meet with my trainer to stay healthy and get those endorphins pumping. When it is nice out, I love playing golf or just try a new sport – I’ve even taken fencing and curling lessons. But, don’t look for me on any Olympic Trials for curling just yet.

For the past 20 years, I have worked in the Aerospace industry. During my professional tenure, I have held roles in Finance, Supply Chain, and HR. My current role is leading an Operations Council that focuses on People, Process and Tool Development for Program Managers.

I have always been a person intrigued by hearing another’s journey and that is what led me to coaching. Sitting back, I would listen and my natural curiosity would take over. It was when I started working in HR that my natural curiosity of hearing my teammates stories and my job intersected. Then coaching became part of my daily job. I suddenly found myself in coaching and I loved it. When I coach, there is a fire in my belly and I light up inside. I love helping others find that “ah ha” moment that impacts their lives. It’s such a wonderful and rewarding feeling!

My Coaching Approach

If I were to describe my coaching style, it would be adaptable, humor filled, and being able to read my clients well, whether it be through body language or key phrase and/or words.

In my mind, no client is alike. Each client has a unique personality they bring to the table. Thus, I like to use my own coaching tools to create an impactful experience for them. You will find my sessions have personality and humor. Obviously, all in the appropriate time and place.

My goal is to help my clients work through leadership challenges they face and help them to get to that “ah ha” moment that I mentioned before. Success is what I want for all my clients, but it requires openness and accountability to reach that end state.