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International Coaching Federation (ICF) Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Certified Coach, Hudson Institute of Coaching
CliftonStrengths Certified
MBA, University of CA – San Diego (UCSD)
MA, San Diego State University (SDSU)
BA, Biology

This is my story

The good news is I’ve built and am building my dream career. I took the time to reflect, receive coaching, get clarity on my values, and begin taking the necessary steps toward a career that energizes and delights me.

But it wasn’t always this way. I worked many years for a company that was stable, well-paying, and regularly promoted me. However, I was never “at home” there. The mission of the company, my role(s), and the style of leadership were never a great match for my skills, strengths, and values. Nevertheless, I stayed much longer than I should have because it was comfortable. I simply didn’t know what else was possible and was frankly too scared to take the risk to leave and find out.

Until one day, the stars aligned. I received some bad medical news, and my husband was also feeling burned out at work. So we decided to quit our jobs to travel for a year. It was the scariest, most invigorating decision we’ve ever made, and we’ll never regret it. It was just the shakeup I needed.

Upon return, I knew I couldn’t return to my old career so I received coaching and began taking small steps to create the career of my dreams.

My Coaching Approach

Simply put, I offer a soft place to do the hard work.

That means I create a warm, safe, welcoming, nonjudgmental space so that clients can do the hard work of growth and change required to achieve their goals. I believe that clients are resourceful and that my job is to support them by providing the process, while they provide the content. I couple internal work (becoming aware of blind spots, uncovering internal resistance, addressing old griefs, etc.) with external work (building awareness, collecting data on self, making small changes). I check in with clients regularly to see how we’re doing on the original goals and we adjust as needed. I also coach the “whole person”, meaning that aspects of a client’s personal life may come up when we’re working on professional goals. People aren’t compartmented, so my coaching helps to integrate the various parts affected by the client’s goals.

Two of my strongest values are connection and curiosity. Coaching allows me to live both of those out through deep connections with clients and curiosity about what makes them tick and what will help them move toward the life they want. This is why I love coaching and often enter a “flow” state when coaching. I’m naturally empathetic, encouraging, and consistent. I listen deeply and reflect what client’s say often. I also appreciate feedback throughout a coaching engagement and bring in tools and assessments when appropriate.

What my clients say

“Kenzi helped me during a particularly challenging inflection point in my career. After decades in various careers, I found myself at an impasse where the next steps for my work and personal life were unclear. Kenzi’s careful, thoughtful, and responsive coaching helped me keep moving forward and to put structure and goals into what had been an amorphous lump of concerns and approaches. I recommend her unreservedly.” – David S., Finance Executive, Chicago

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with Kenzi. When I started this journey, I felt lost and unsure of what I want to do next in my career. Through this coaching experience, I was able to identify my core values, hone down on qualities that are most important to me, figured out my strengths, and explored various career paths based on my interests. Now I have more clarity on what I want to do next and a path to get there.” – May C., Startup Executive, Sacramento

“Kenzi led me through exercises and conversations that challenged me to grow and encouraged me to expand my horizons. She gave me tools and strategies to navigate through some major changes. I am much more prepared and confident to face challenges as a result of our time together.” – Kindra A., Teacher, Florida

“Kenzi has really helped me organize the chaos of my life during my journey through grad school, single parenting and trying to find the right job. I really value our sessions together and I come out of each one with so much. I apply the things I learn instead of sticking them on a shelf, because she draws out the strategies that are already within myself.” – Ashley A., Assistant Behavior Analyst, Atlanta

“Kenzi is an extraordinarily perceptive listener. The way she was able to guide me, cued by my own words, toward what I was really looking for in the midst of major career change made all the difference. Because of our sessions, I was able to identify the kinds of work I wanted to do through the lens of my values, not the terms of my original field.” – Ellen E., Non-Profit Executive, Philadelphia PA

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