MBA, Loyola University
BA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Credential, ICF

This is My Story

I am a career coach at Ama La Vida. I was born and raised in the Chicago Western suburbs. I attended the University of Michigan and then landed in the Lone Star State for a few years until I got homesick and moved back to Chicagoland where I have been ever since. Over the course of my career, I have held a variety of roles and made several career transitions. While making these changes was never easy, each experience was crucial to the growth and development that has led me to where I am in my career today.

Throughout my varied background, the constants have been my authentic and honest approach and strong drive to deliver results. My professional HR roles in the past 10+ years span across a wide breadth of industries providing coaching to leaders and their teams on a variety of business and human capital challenges including individual development and leadership development. After some time, I recognized that I wanted to focus on coaching and leave behind the other aspects of HR that I found less rewarding.

I love being a coach and find fulfillment in empowering people to make decisions that will bring them closer to their goals and the life they want. I find that when people gain an understanding of how they can be happy and impactful in their professional life, they frequently utilize these skills to improve their satisfaction in other aspects of their life as well.

Transitioning my career in a way that I find work more rewarding was a key driver in all of my career decisions; however, another motivator was finding a role in which I could achieve the capacity (both mentally and physically) to accomplish everything else I want out of life, namely taking care of my family of four. By choosing a career that brings me joy with a company that shares my values, I am able to be ‘present’ with my family when I need to be. Moreover, I hope that my children see me as a role model of someone that loves what they do, when they are old enough to make career decisions of their own.

My Coaching Approach

My style is laid back and light-hearted. I tend to use humor to connect and also lighten the mood when appropriate as often coaching topics can sometimes seem quite heavy! I lead with curiosity and ask a lot of questions. I often challenge assumptions and work with clients to uncover blocks that may be limiting them from taking steps to achieve the career that they want. I find that the clients that I coach that are the most successful in achieving their goals are those that are open to self-discovery and adapting to new ways of doing things.

What can clients expect from working with me?

  • The opportunity to discuss the topics that are keeping them awake at night. While I will provide a tentative plan of topics to focus on, I allow the client to hold their own agenda.
  • A supportive, safe and judgement free environment to discuss whatever career thoughts and questions are coming up for them.
  • Their brain will hurt a bit. In order to get the most out of the coaching experience, clients may need to exercise their brain and think in a bit of a different way than they may be used to.
  • Consistent goal planning and establishment of an accountability framework.

What my clients say

“As my sessions with Kristin progressed, it was interesting to see how what we discussed applied to both my professional and personal life, especially as a new mom. Prior to our coaching sessions, I had always kept those two areas of my life very separate, but it became apparent through our discussions that these two areas of my life are not unilateral. I never thought to consider my personal life goals when making big career decisions which is something I will do from now on and vice versa. Our conversations also helped me prioritize different goals of mine. It was interesting to see how my prioritization of items changed just by saying them out loud and talking through it. Furthermore, coaching has caused me to be more introspective on my decisions. Many decisions I made previously when it came to career were because they looked good on paper or “just made sense” as the next logical professional step. Kristin’s coaching provided me with more clarity. I felt like I was getting to the root of why I was questioning something or feeling uncomfortable. These coaching sessions with Kristin have led me to make some different career choices because they make more sense with what I want personally and even professionally whereas before I would have made different decisions because they felt right in the heat of the moment.”

“Through coaching, Kristin helped me realize the career steps I needed to take in order to transition into doing something that I not only loved, but would allow me to spend more time with my family. She was invaluable in helping me to find a balance between achieving my ultimate career goals while maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.”

“Kristin helped me work through a senior executive career move. Changing organizations and industries at a later stage in one’s career presents unique challenges, such as greater exposure and a shorter timeframe to course correct or recover from errors. Unless managed adeptly, these challenges can become paralyzing distractors that work to undermine one’s ability to succeed. Kristin helped me identify and work through potential pitfalls and put them in perspective making me aware, less intimidated, and ultimately more focused and better positioned to succeed at my new role.” – KM

“I came to Ama La Vida feeling very unclear and pessimistic about my next career steps but from the initial call with Justice, things started to shift in a positive direction. The online modules were demanding and challenging but forced me to really investigate what truly motivated me. The exercises continually highlighted what I enjoyed doing and helped me focus on what aspects of a career would deliver the fulfilment for which I was searching. My weekly sessions with Kristin were always a highlight and kept me motivated in moments of self doubt. My assumptions were challenged and my confidence was rebuilt such that I’ve arrived at a point where I am excited by my chosen path. I don’t doubt there will be struggles and difficulties ahead but the ALV program gave me the personal insights such that I can return to these as a guide. Whereas I arrived feeling cynical about coaching I leave feeling almost evangelical and will certainly come back from time to time. Highly recommended.” – HR

“Ama La Vida helped me quickly focus in on my goals and values. I loved the modules, especially the purpose module because it was reaffirming to me that I was on the right path going forward. I would absolutely recommend Ama La Vida for coaching, both personally and professionally.” – Amy M.

“My ALV coach was great! She met me where I was and supported me through a career transition. Each session was rewarding and taught me something new!” – Kaitlyn T.

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