Certified Coach from Coach Training Alliance

BSBA from Regis University with emphasis on Management

Certified Sales Trainer for Integrity Solutions

Numerous credentials in the banking (Credit Union) – specific industry (Bank Secrecy Act; Compliance Specialist; Human Trafficking Awareness)

This is my story

A young lady is working the cashier register at a craft store. The manager walks over to the group and says “you, follow me.” The young lady looks around perplexed and follows the manager. The manager next explains how to lock up the money at the end of the night, what buttons to push on the register to tally the sales, which lights need to be shut off, how to set the alarm and wraps up with a big smile saying “congratulations, I need you to be the assistant manager and lock up tonight.” You might be thinking, “that seriously couldn’t be what happened” but that was the start of my managerial journey. I didn’t have a clue how to schedule people, how to motivate people, or how to resolve conflict but I was the Assistant Manager!

I share the start of my journey because I want other managers to know that I struggled, but I also learned. At the end of 2018, I completed 33 years of progressively more senior positions of leadership. I have learned not only why it is important to engage team members but how to do it to help them grow. It isn’t a secret sauce, and it takes good old fashion work but there is nothing more satisfying than having the team achieve lofty work goals. My greatest accomplishment? I have had six direct reporting employees promoted into the senior level position that they dreamt of. I love helping people reach their leadership goals by understanding how to build high functioning teams, the use of communication to improve job satisfaction and improve the skills of a leader from the inside, out.

Since 2018 I have been building my practice as a Leadership Coach in addition to still working in the financial services industry. My desire to continue to learn lead me to receiving a certificate in Paralegalism as well as other financial service industry specific certifications. And my desire to help managers become the leader everyone wants to work for has led me to Ama La Vida. I want to focus on serving the next generation of managers so that many of them can achieve higher levels of success without the obstacles that I encountered.

I completed a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management from Regis University, am a Certified Sales Coach, and received my Certified Professional Coach from Coaching Training Alliance. I love to read, camp, cuddle my dogs, create anything with fabric, paper, yarn or whatever I can find around my home!

I look forward to partnering with you on your leadership journey! Let’s learn some, laugh some, and achieve great things!

My Coaching Approach

I like to understand how people arrived on their journey, so I ask lots of questions. As I work with clients, I use this same approach to help them learn what is important, what is the priority and what is the best way forward from their perspective. As I listen to the ideas and thoughts that make the person excited, I help build the strategy that keeps that flame burning deep in the gut. I will challenge my client to dig deep to find the answer that works best for their journey and along the way I might share a tidbit or two of what worked for me. By doing this, the client gets the value of 33 years of business knowledge while creating an action plan that is personalized to their own strengths.

What my clients say

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I think of you daily and that I use so many of the tools that you gave me while you were here. Yesterday, I was awarded the top performer for insurance sales in 2018; I reflected on the year prior when I felt like such a loser. I remember our chat and the encouragement, support and help in changing my mindset on how I offered the ancillary benefits. You truly impacted my life in so many ways! I have gained so much positivity in my own life and that is all because of you!! Thank you for impacting my life; I am and will continue to be a better person because of you!! Regardless of where my journey in life takes me your impact will be with me!! – Tammy Bauman (previous employee)

I just wanted to say thank you and tell you how much I appreciated our “coaching session” experience this evening!! Having you as a sounding board was terrific! Did I make my decision tonight about the bike ride in June 2021 understanding that I can ride the SAG wagons up hills? No, but the new discovery, or shift, will be a resource, coupled with my doctor’s advice, for making a decision in the next 30 days. So, I salute you with a virtual cup of coffee and wish you a wonderful week filled with sunshine and beauty!! YOU ROCK!! – Cheryl

“Laura helped me work through a challenging moment in my career and navigate toward the next step in my leadership journey. I am now moving into a new stage in my professional development stronger and clearer than I was before our work together. I so appreciated her thoughtful questions and perspectives over the past six months and will be drawing on those conversations for a long time to come.” – Rebecca J.

“ALV coaches provided me great perspective and actionable inputs on my career goals. I really enjoyed my sessions and always came back with a ton of new perspective and empowering resources.” – Prachi G.

“Before coach Laura came into my life, I felt very unfulfilled in my professional and personal life. Laura helped me find my self-confidence and purpose, and set me on a path that aligns more with my passions. I could not be more thankful for her help and support.

I was hesitant about coaching primarily due to the cost, but I fully believe it was well worth it. Laura made sure to always be available and prepared for the many directions in which our sessions went. She’s amazing and a reason why I’m now a full believer in the power of coaching.

Huge thanks to Laura and ALV for making my life better!” – Karla R-V.

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