Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
BA in Interpersonal Communication, University of Delaware

This is my story

Hello there! I’m Lauren and I’m a certified coach who works with clients to design lives, careers, and relationships they truly love.

I’m a native New Yorker, but for the past 10 years, I have been living and working abroad in countries including Spain, Chile, Liechtenstein, and most recently, Panama. I’m an avid traveler and digital nomad who loves having the freedom to work from anywhere in the world while partnering with companies and people that align with what’s most important to me. It’s taken making intentional decisions, taking quite a few scary leaps of faith, and putting my trust in the universe to get to where I am today, and sometimes I’m still in awe of this life I’ve created for myself.

But it wasn’t always this way. In my early 20’s I found myself following a path that had been laid out for me and checking off all the boxes of important milestones (graduating top of my class, having 6 internships under my belt before finishing college, “dream” job offer in NYC, poster boy boyfriend, etc.). I was excelling at everything that was expected of me, but something was off. I felt stuck, unmotivated, and incredibly lost.

I knew I wanted something different, something more. So, I quit the corporate job, moved abroad, created a kick-ass video resume, landed a job at an early-stage startup, hired a Coach, and started paving an authentic path of my choosing.

Since that pivotal moment, my personal mission has been “to fall unconditionally in love with my life, while encouraging others to do the same.”

I became a coach to empower others to take control back of their lives, harness their true potential, and see the possibility in their pipe dreams. One of my core beliefs is that there is no one-size-fits-all template for life, love, work, or success. I’m here to help you challenge the status quo, break free from the cookie-cutter mold and explore a life and career path that’s truly authentic to you!

My Coaching Approach

I would describe my coaching style as intuitive and understanding, while also being honest and direct. I hold space for you to open up, fully feel your emotions and step into your authenticity.

I will help you to think outside the box and bring new perspectives to the table, and together, we’ll craft creative solutions. I promise to lovingly challenge you and inspire you to dream bigger, break through barriers, and take a stand for what you really want.

My coaching container is a nonjudgmental, supportive space to get curious, brainstorm, explore possibilities, challenge what’s expected, and make meaningful lasting changes.


“I feel like a completely whole new person. I feel like I was spiraling out for so long, just so completely lost. So to feel even a shred of confidence and excitement moving forward means the absolute world. Working with Lauren has transformed everything in my life. EVERYTHING. Invaluable.” – Gina

“Working with Lauren completely changed my life and the path/direction of it. You gave me the space to really step into my authenticity, unapologetically, and go forward with that in every aspect of life: career, parenthood, whatever comes next. The way I do things doesn’t have to be the way society does things, and that’s a-ok. I really feel like you were divinely placed in my life at the perfect moment. Oh … goosebumps. I’m so grateful for you and for our time together. Thank you so much!!” – Mary-Pat

“This was my first time talking to someone who really understood where I wanted to go and motivated me to start making the mindset and tangible changes that would propel me towards reaching my goals. We talked about how following your heart will open up the right doors. I love this idea and it has helped me work through the harder parts of following my heart such as quitting my job and getting out of my comfort zone.” – Danielle

“My biggest takeaway from working with Lauren was the ability to see my future unfold effortlessly once I got out of my own way and stopped letting fear control my life. I now know that my dream life is do-able, I do not need to live in someone else’s version of “success.” I learned to set boundaries and to live by my own moral compass. If you need someone to help you take the first steps you will never be in better hands. Lauren will guide you along your journey in the most inspiring and helpful ways. Step up your game by investing in one thing that really matters, yourself!” – Kate

“Lauren’s coaching sessions have taken me from feeling like I am all over the place to a more focused and confident place. The ideas are in you and Lauren helps bring them out and talk through exactly what it is you are looking for. Her check-ins kept me accountable and responsible, which I really appreciated. After every session I was excited to work on what Lauren’s tasks were and I always left feeling positive in what we had discussed. Lauren is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend her coaching sessions for anyone that is feeling a bit lost.” – Becca

“Before working with Lauren I was hoping my problems would solve themselves but (surprise!) they didn’t. I had been feeling stuck for about a year, and in just a few sessions with Lauren I was able to take action and move forward.I look back at who I was before Coaching and I’m overcome with gratitude for having moved out of that stuck place with her help. I’m SO glad I worked with Lauren, it was just what I needed and truly changed my life. An investment in yourself will ALWAYS come back to you in one way or another.” – Natalia

“I’ve had a complete shift in mindset over the past months. When we started I felt so ‘stuck’ and I knew I wanted and needed a change. Lauren helped me make it happen. I wake up feeling positive instead of negative about the day. I can say that I am happy and have so much to look forward to instead of being consumed by all the negative and defeating thoughts that were really holding me back.” – Dawn D.

“Without Lauren and Ama La Vida there’s no telling where I would be right now. I am so glad that I was able to work with her and she is an incredible teacher, motivator, mentor, and overall understanding and compassionate person. This experience with Lauren was not only pivotal in helping me find a new professional career in consulting, but was also instrumental in changing the way I viewed myself. I was never confident in my skills, experience, or even understanding the correct route to pursue new opportunities. Lauren worked with me to identify the strengths in myself and how those aligned with my core interests and possible future goals. She helped me become more confident in myself and my skills and then took me through a great process of leveraging those skills in my updated resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and even in the way I spoke about myself and my past experiences. I’ve never felt more confident going through the interview process and that was all thanks to the preparation I had done with Lauren. She made me feel inspired and accomplished through all of the work I was putting in. Long story short, I ended up receiving a consulting offer and couldn’t be more thrilled!” – Elliot B.