BA in Psychology, Loyola Marymount University
Professional Certified Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF)
200hr Yoga Teacher Certification, CorePower Yoga
Fluent in English and Spanish

Nice to meet you!

Hola, hello! My name is Natalia. I’m from Argentina, and my family moved to Southern California when I was 10. I’ve lived in Buenos Aires, San Diego, Los Angeles, and now, Madrid. I am an avid traveler (I have been to 15 countries!) and love to connect with people from different cultures and walks of life.

As a coach, I love supporting clients as to design a life that’s aligned with their core truth. After years of feeling the pressure to check boxes and do what was expected of me, I dove into working with a coach myself to explore what kind of life I wanted. I learned to define what success meant to me, identify the beliefs and expectations that were holding me back, and create boundaries and habits that supported the type of life I wanted to be living. 

I work with clients to uncover their innate power, step into their truth and experiment, and embrace the magic of the process itself. I believe that all my clients are creative, whole, and resourceful, and as a coach, I act as a conduit for them to discover the answers they already have to create the life they want.

My coaching approach is open and exploratory, with some structure to contain your ideas and allow you to thrive and progress toward your goals. 

I bring a pure coaching style and also share a variety of frameworks, tools, and resources such as:

  • Somatics: This might look like taking cleansing breaths, doing walk-and-talk sessions, or connecting with your senses.
  • Positive Psychology: I encourage my clients to focus on the vision of what’s possible and the skills and strengths they have now to help them get there.
  • Philosophy: I love asking and pondering questions about why we’re here and how we can make this moment worthwhile. That means not always having the answers, but being open to learning new perspectives and ideas to guide us on our way. 
  • Design Thinking: Design thinking principles encourage us to have wild ideas, fail early and often, and approach career exploration with creativity and an open mind.

Who I Serve

Professionals who:
  • are looking for a lifestyle change
  • want to figure out what they want
  • are looking to redefine what ‘work’ means to them
  • want to find fulfillment outside of work
  • want to improve their work relationships
Individuals who:
  • want to grow self-awareness
  • need help with setting (and enforcing) healthy boundaries
  • want to diversify their purpose outside of work
  • are looking to slow down and realign with their values
Leaders who:
  • feel secure at work and want to to tend to other aspects of their lives ( i.e., – relationships, fun, and community)
  • want to grow in their self-awareness
  • avoid burnout and set healthy boundaries
  • strengthen their team and culture

I bring my endless sense of curiosity to my coaching sessions and always seek to understand and dive deeper to support you and create the life you love! As we work together, you will gain all the tools you need to start tuning into yourself and walk through life with clarity, confidence, and purpose.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey!


Before reaching out to Ama La Vida I felt lost, unsure of what next steps to take professionally and what long term goals to set. All I knew was that the work I was doing was unchallenging and unrewarding, even though transitioning to something else seemed terrifying. My time working with Natalia completely changed all of this. It was an enriching and empowering experience. Through her coaching, I’ve found a career path that’s consistent with my interests and values and helped me develop the tools to be successful in getting there. I’ve never felt excited about my career before, but Natalia encouraged me to explore and embrace possibility.

I highly recommend ALV to anyone, regardless of what you are looking for. I used their services for career help, but honestly their approach was holistic and helped me as a human being and I truly connected to my coach. She has been my accountability partner to keep me moving forward and to keep me positive even in the face of rejection. I have honestly enjoyed working with them during my job search!

I am extremely satisfied with the outcome of my engagement with both Natalia and John. I feel I have the knowledge and resources I need to progress forward and do the work of applying to jobs. Natalia helped me define what I wanted from my next professional role, not just in terms of what I want to DO, but also how I view and value my career within the broader context of my life. John was also an incredible resource when it came to tuning up my resume, LinkedIn profile/activities, and personal website. Both gave me the confidence I need to “take the plunge” and seek a best-fit job. – Norah W.

Working with Natalia through the ALV coaching program has truly been life-changing for me. I was feeling confused, uncertain, and generally unsatisfied with my career prospects. Through the work we did together to identify my gifts, values, passions, and ultimately purpose I was able to gain the clarity I needed to take next steps in my life. With Natalia’s impactful coaching I have rediscovered my creativity, learned to proactively advocate for my needs, and through keeping small promises to myself with consistent action, made changes that I’m so proud of. I’m excited to continue moving in this direction and where it takes me with an open mind. Natalia was able to help me tap into my natural gifts and strengths and I cannot thank her and ALV enough! I will be taking the skills and insights I learned with me forever and that is the most priceless gift. – Ani H.

“I don’t think I would be in the position I am now without my coach, Natalia. Not only is she a great listener and a thoughtful coach, but she truly did set me up for success. She challenged me as well as held me accountable to achieve all the goals I had set for myself when signing up with ALV and some. Everything she’s taught me, the tools she’s provided and all the ALV modules; and even the positive mantra’s she’s encouraged will all stay with me and for that, I’m super grateful she was my coach.” – Victoria B

“Ama La Vida as a whole, and my coach Natalia have provided me tons of value. I highly recommend Natalia Tamburini as a coach and this entire organization for anything life/career coach related. It’s reasonably and affordably priced and well worth the investment. After only a few short months, I was able to get the help I needed to make a job transition and gain clarity on my life and creative goals. Highly recommend!” – Andrew K.

“At the onset of my coaching journey, I felt lost and bored in my career. With the help and guidance of my coach Natalia, I was able to achieve the goals I set for myself, discover new strengths about myself, and find my passion in my career. The skills I learned are applicable in my everyday life and I am so grateful for my coaching experience for helping me find my way!” – Hannah I.

“This was my first experience with career coaching. I was seeking advice as I considered leaving my job or ten years and career of 30 years in the media industry. Natalia was so insightful as we explored areas of interest and curiosity for me and how they could translate to a new and rewarding career path. Her talent for finding my passions and personal values and aligning a new and exciting path that fed into that is something I am so grateful for! I have recently started a certificate program in the field of neurodiversity, This has been an interest area for years, as I have been a learning partner for my younger daughter. Eager to see how I might apply what I’m learning to help other families!” – Raynu P.

“Natalia is a gem! She was a cheerleader, perspective giver, motivator and advisor throughout my time with Ama La Vida. She was right by my side through the dark days when my fears surrounding the career change were immense, the good days when things were going smoothly and on the stressful ones when I was nervous wreck preparing for an interview. I can’t thank her enough for continuously challenging me when I didn’t feel ready to take a single step forward.” – Leah G.

“Where do I begin, I have been lucky enough to work with Natalia for almost a year. When I started I knew I wanted to pivot out of the education field but had no idea of how or what field I would move to. Natalia and the different activities helped me learn about myself and what my goals for my career are. Through many many informational interviews I learned which field and worked with John too in learning how to apply creatively. I loved the feedback both Natalia and John gave me on this journey. I learned so much about myself both career-wise and personally. Natalia was so patient and supportive. I truly couldn’t ask for a better coach. I HIGHLY recommend trying our Ama La Vida!!” – Emma B.

“My experience with ALV was amazing. I was coached by Natalia. I was confused on where to go with careers and working with my coach really clarified a lot of things for me. Natalia made me feel so empowered. I am now on the path of becoming a coach and help others the same way I was helped. Thank you Natalia and thank you ALV.” – Gabriel G.

“Working with Natalia as a life coach was fun and life changing. Natalia was a present coach and created space for me to listen to myself about what I wanted out of life. Natalia helped me discover the joy and confidence in prototyping new ideas in my life. I feel inspired to treat life as a never-ending design process since our coaching sessions.” – Kelly K.