This is my story

Hi, I’m Nathanna! I am the Social Media Manager here at Ama La Vida, and I’d love to share a little about me with you.

I’ve always been passionate about communicating. I have a degree in Journalism. Back in the day I thought I’d be covering big events and festivals and writing articles for websites, but as I developed my skill set, I realized that the kind of writing I’m better at and love the most, is the creative type. The one that challenges you to use your writing mastery and references, while it also gives you space to create whatever you want if it makes sense to your reader.

So, I made this change and never looked back. My career over the last 10 years has been built around marketing, advertisement and social media. It’s exciting and challenging like all great things are. I love planning, researching, collaborating with my coworkers and coming up with strategies to communicate, and most importantly, connect with audiences through meaningful content. 

I am committed to sharing information that will inspire and leverage our audience to take the next step into a happier life, whether that’s related to their career or their overall wellness. ⁠

On a personal note, I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil, and moved to Chicago in 2019. So I love big cities and being part of the fast-paced rhythm in which a metropolis moves. Still, most weekends you can catch me binge-watching the latest TV show or movie everyone is talking about, looking for new music, or playing with my dog, Bowie!⁠

Being part of a team dedicated to helping others is a privilege that I am beyond excited about. If you want to connect with me, ask questions or make suggestions, don’t be shy, and shoot me a DM at @alvcoaching. I would love to hear from you!