Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
Whole Person Certified Coach, Coach Training World
Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-500
B.A. in Psychology, University of California, Irvine
Bilingual: English and Mandarin

This is my story

Hi there! My name is Peggy Wu, and I’m a Career and Life Coach with Ama La Vida. First of all, thank you for being here! I hope I’ll get to meet you one day and work with you. Here is my story.

Born in Taiwan, I moved to the U.S. at the age of 13 for a better education. Living in Los Angeles County for most of my life, I embrace and appreciate the pleasant weather, diverse culture, and superb food scene. Life after college was about making a living to pay back student loans and working hard for that corner office one day. Decades later, the wealth and status I assiduously pursued slowly affected my health and negatively impacted my relationships with loved ones. That office with a view I earned along the way no longer felt like a fair exchange. Acting upon the need to balance life and find inner peace, I turned to yoga teacher training. Little did I know, my life’s direction was about to shift, and I got closer than ever in finding my purpose.

Before the yoga teaching journey, I spent two decades working in various positions at private and publicly-traded organizations that involved finance, client service, operations management, and sales and marketing. My longest career was in banking. My last corporate title was a Vice President/Relationship Manager inside a commercial real estate lending team. Those jobs’ satisfaction came from promotions and increases in salary, not necessarily the work itself. I plugged away and put my best foot forward every day for that next advancement despite feeling out of balance and exhausted constantly. Stress compromised my not-so-strong immune system frequently. “I’m busy with work” became an overused excuse to get out of doing things with people who matter to me. The need to re-examine life started to feel urgent, and I shifted my attention to yoga for salvation.

Through learning and teaching yoga, I found helping people is where my true passion lies. The sense of contribution to others’ well-being fuels my inner fire. One year into teaching yoga, I left my promising banking career behind to work on my own in finance and accounting and free up time teaching more yoga classes. Two years into teaching yoga, I discovered life coaching training that expanded my visions and prepared me to serve more people than I could ever imagine. Through life coaching, I feel empowered to help others see beyond the self-imposed limitation and make what they want in life possible. My roles as a yoga teacher and life coach complement each other quite well and perfectly manifest my inner passion. I’m thankful to be where I am and to do what I love. I wish to help others do the same – pursue what they love in their career and life and experience success and happiness. All are available to them if they open their minds and be brave to dream.

My favorite quote is by Carl Jung – “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” May all of us have the courage to be who we truly are and thrive in our own ways.

My Coaching Approach

I use mindfulness techniques and the Whole-Person approach that emphasizes working with you as an integrated whole and helping you become aware of all elements of your life – mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual. My solutions focus on guiding you to go through a self-discovery process and tap into your creativity and resourcefulness. As a result of our sessions, you’ll gain clarity on career and personal goals, learn to move beyond self-limiting beliefs, and get into action to create a career and personal transformation that leads to your best life.

Are you:

  • Planning or dealing with a career or life transition that feels overwhelming?
  • Burned out at work and in an urgent need to restore balance?
  • Feeling stuck in your life or career, and don’t know how to get un-stuck?
  • Frustrated about not being seen and heard at work, and want your talent and voice to be noticed and valued?
  • Thinking that you want more out of your life, but you have no clue what you should do?

Let’s talk!

What do we do in a life coaching session? We’ll work side by side to explore your definition of success and happiness, develop strategies that make sense to you, and produce actionable steps that work for you. We may also discover dreams, thoughts, and ideas that are important to you along the way, and we can work together to turn those into reality. As a client, you steer the conversation in a direction you feel beneficial. The following is a list of destinations that we can get to together:

  • Manage your career and life challenges and transitions with composure
  • Create a new career or business that you feel passionate about
  • Improve skills and job performance to prepare you for the next level of your career
  • Think more clearly and confidently to open yourself to multiple possibilities, solutions, and perspectives
  • Identify what happiness and success mean to you and pursue what matters the most to you
  • Let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your heart’s desires

What is the potential benefit/outcome of working together?

  • Be more resourceful and strategic at managing your career and life
  • Be on your way to starting a business or new career that aligns with your passion and core values
  • Be confident and courageous in pursuing your dream
  • Be more passionate about your future
  • Be true to yourself

What my clients say

“Peggy was born to be a life coach! I started meeting with Peggy because things in my life felt stagnant and I didn’t know how to identify what was truly important and go after those things. She had a wonderful way of turning something that seemed complicated and overwhelming into simple and tactical action items that worked with my lifestyle. She combined an action-oriented approach with inspirational guidance to help me achieve my goals. I think what really sets her apart is her holistic approach and the compassion she has for her clients. She has given me the confidence and the tools I need to take on the world!” – Min Yoo, Director of Marketing Analytics

“I have really enjoyed working with Peggy!! She has a very calming presence and is very intuitive. She helped me get to the core of my issues within minutes of talking to her through her powerful questioning. Peggy helped me connect to my purpose in life and overcome the self-doubt I had been experiencing and was holding me back from moving forward in my career.” – Alex Ornelas

“My sessions with Peggy have been so valuable during this time in my life where I am starting a business. Peggy is insightful, intuitive, knowledgeable and wise and her coaching has really helped me to gain clarity, understand myself, plan my next steps, understand the steps that work for me and my issues and have generally provided a comfortable and helpful environment for self growth. The simple breath work at the start of sessions was so lovely to get centered into the right mindset for the session. Peggy has a lovely energy about herself and I always felt very comfortable working with her, she allowed me to open up within the coaching space and the sessions always flowed really well. She was always punctual, professional and friendly. Fantastic life coach who I would highly recommend to anyone!” – Minnie Courtney, Mindset and Manifestation Coach

“I have loved working with Peggy. There is something incredibly calming about her demeanour that allows me to open up and talk about the challenges I am facing. I started coaching with Peggy at a point when I was about to launch my new business and enter the entrepreneurial world. Although exciting, it was also pretty terrifying navigating through all the ancillary aspects of establishing a new business on my own. Peggy’s own transformation experience as well as her coaching qualifications helped me to feel understood and not alone! She gave me the confidence I needed to keep stepping forward and believing in myself. Such a wonderful coaching experience.” – Frieda Levycky, Founder of Braving Boundaries

“I love the conversations I had with my life coach Peggy. We didn’t just talk about career, but also life attitude, religion, and ways to make new friends. I understand myself more by talking to Peggy. I appreciate that she is non-judgmental and encouraging.” – Chenyao F.

“My coach, Peggy, was nothing short of amazing. I knew when I first talked to her that she was the coach for me. She is so warm and kind. I felt like we had known each other for a long time. She could see me and she heard me. The more we spoke the more I confident I felt. She equipped me with tools and new knowledge about myself by asking me big questions that I had never thought of.” – Richard S.

“I feel that Peggy, my coach, has been incredible in supporting me and helping me sort through my competing priorities/unhelpful narratives/emotional and practical considerations. This was some of the best money I ever spent on myself, because it really has been investing in a future I now feel much more optimistic and focused about.” – Lindsey G.

Ama La Vida is an AMAZING network of strong, motivating individuals that assist you to achieve goals you didn’t think you could do on your own. As a single mom to an autistic child, I didn’t think I could leave my dead end job. I was absolutely miserable but kept chugging away.. Peggy and her team made me realize, it wasn’t the end all be all. I could live a better life, and I could still provide for my child. I am in a better place today than I ever was. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)” – Jay S.

“Peggy was so helpful with not only helping me prepare my next career steps, but also, shifting my mindset for the career I want. Highly recommend her coaching!” – Dajae W.

“Working with Ama La Vida has been a wonderful experience. I loved how thoughtful the coaches are, the great tools and resources offered through the platform, and the great guidance and care I received while I was a member. ALV helped me navigate through some challenging professional challenges and I am so grateful to have had the support!” – Nicole B.

“My coaching experience with Peggy was excellent. Peggy allowed me to be very open with the challenges I was facing as I worked towards my goal of changing careers and applying for a new job. The coaching sessions were less structured and more focused on discussion, where Peggy was as much of a thought partner as a coach. Peggy allowed our sessions to feel very open and honest, and through our discussions she really helped me unpack the mental roadblocks I was facing and pushed me to make a clear vision for myself. She also really helped me with articulating my own skillset to build confidence in myself as I prepared for interviews. Overall, this experience was one I would 100% recommend, not only for working towards a specific goal but also for having the space to openly talk about your own challenges and aspirations.” – Michael H.

“I found ALV on-line, and was skeptical at first, but each coach was INCREDIBLE. They are caring, thoughtful, and incredibly professional. I first needed help transitioning/leaving my current job and Kristen was perfect at drawing out the best process and approach for me. Next I worked with Peggy, who was excellent at guiding me toward working out the kinks of starting my own business. I could not be more happy with the advice and guidance I received!” – Nicole K.

“I truly appreciated ALV as a resource in helping me come to terms with and work through my burnout. My coach really supported me in a time when I really needed it and helped me figure out how to move forward with more intention and joy.” – Adrian H.

“I have had such an amazing experience with Ama La Vida. From the very start when I first talked to Justice Lawson, I knew this was the right move. Justice talked me through the whole process and was so honest and easy to talk to. I am so thankful to Justice for making the decision so easy.

Not only was I able to build a professional online presence, but also build my confidence and self-love as well. Coach Peggy Wu is amazing, she brings her background as a life coach into her career coaching. When I started with Peggy I was struggling to see myself as a professional. We talked about more than just my job experience and she helped remove some of my mental blocks. Peggy has been such a great source of support in the past few months. I would email her on some of my lowest days and her words always put me back on the right path.

I even did two celebrity sessions with Lisa Allie. With Lisa, we went through line-by-line of my resume and she told me what was good and what needed improvement. My resume has never looked better and people are often impressed. Lisa also helped me with LinkedIn and taught me useful tools for how to get the most out of it!

On top of all of that, I have completed many helpful modules. The modules are like career-focused therapy. I really feel that everyone at Ama La Vida is focused on you as a human being. Your mental health and well-being will be prioritized.
I can not put a value on the experience I got out of this service as I don’t know where I would be today without it.

I know this post is super cheesy but I wasn’t paid to say any of this and have been sincerely blown away by my experience with Ama La Vida. When I first joined I didn’t expect much but at EVERY step of the way I have been met with so much positivity and support.” – Chloe R.

“Ama La Vida has been essential to my growth the past year. Working with Peggy has taught me so much about myself, what I am capable of, and how to utilize all my characteristics to reach my max potential. Whatever I needed, whether life or career advice, Peggy was always there to guide me. I left each session feeling stronger and more certain about my place in this world and I couldn’t be more grateful.” – Ruth R.

“Working with Peggy absolutely changed my life – because of her guidance I am living in a New City closer to family, have a new job that I love, had a baby (which I would not have done if I hadn’t Moved and gotten a new job), and bought a house (which again, I wouldn’t be able to do without the former). All of this in the 2 years I was working with Peggy. She is an incredible coach – I truly Can’t say enough good things. I will Miss her, but I feel like I’m in SUCH a good and happy place now.” – Ashley M.