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Ph.D. in Genetics
InBIA Business Incubator Manager
Predictive Index Practitioner
Basadur Profile Practitioner
altMBA Alumnus

This is my story

Today, I’m in a fulfilling place both personally and professionally. I consult across a spectrum of fascinating industries, work on projects that resonate with my values, and enjoy financial freedom. Through coaching, I have the privilege of helping others unlock their creativity, innovate, and design their lives entrepreneurially. But my path to this point was far from straightforward.

My journey began in the world of academia, where I earned a Ph.D. in Genetics. While I was passionate about the subject and the insights it provides when you understand the universal rules of information flow, I found the traditional academic path limiting. A serendipitous invention led me to the field of technology transfer, where I realized the immense potential of turning scientific ideas into tangible products.

Initially, I thought that the problems around innovation were with patents and contracts. But today, I see clearly what keeps new things from being realized: mindset challenges, interpersonal communication challenges, and struggles to authentically connect with others. My experience with both the scientific method and the opportunity to speak with countless people about innovation have allowed me to build a toolbox of models and approaches for designing the future.

I Serve

Entrepreneurs and Innovators who:
  • Are in the early or scaling stages of their business and need strategic guidance.
  • Seek to foster a culture of creativity and innovation within their organizations.
  • Require coaching in negotiation tactics to secure better deals and partnerships.
  • Want to build a robust network that can help them in business growth.
Corporate Executives and Leaders who:
  • Are looking to instill a culture of innovation and adaptability within their teams.
  • Need help in strategic decision-making and long-term planning.
  • Want to improve their interpersonal skills to lead more effectively.
  • Are interested in personal empowerment as a tool for better leadership.
Career Professionals who:
  • Are at a crossroads and considering a pivot into entrepreneurship or a new industry.
  • Need assistance with personal branding, including LinkedIn optimization and interview skills.
  • Want to develop a more strategic approach to career growth and job transitions.
  • Are interested in learning how to network effectively to open new career opportunities.
Individuals who:
  • Are looking to reinvent themselves or start a new chapter in their personal or professional lives.
  • Need help in setting and achieving goals that align with their passions and skills.
  • Struggle with adaptability and resilience in the face of life’s challenges.
  • Are curious and open-minded, looking to expand their horizons and take calculated risks.

My Coaching Approach

My coaching style is both strategic and holistic, focusing not just on short-term goals but also on long-term personal and professional development. I integrate elements of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship into a comprehensive framework that empowers you to design your life intentionally. Rooted in a deep sense of curiosity, I encourage clients to explore new avenues, ask questions, and challenge the status quo. This curiosity-driven approach enables us to uncover hidden opportunities and potential areas for growth.

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