Bachelors in Sociology – emphasis in Cultural Diversity and Conflict Management

Masters in Sociology – focus on Education, Religion and Work

Certified Coach – Lifeworks School of Coaching

This is my story

Hi! Robbi here, I’m a Life and Career Specialist with Ama La Vida. I’ve contributed in six states across multiple sectors  – corporate, academia, nonprofit and business owner – in tens of positions within the wacky world of work. I’ve conducted extensive research, career advised hundreds of professionals and students of all ages, and completed hundreds of interviews on the topic of work life satisfaction and job structure. In addition to my coaching certification, I’ve also completed a number of other certifications related to human and spiritual development.

A drastic shift in my world and self views at the crossroads of quarter life nudged me into years of personal and professional self-exploration and discovery. Trekking through abandonment, loss, discrimination, failure, recovery, success and transformation, I emerged a champion of choosing “just right” work that aligns with a “whole body hell yeah” lifestyle.

This is why my work is fueled by a belief that we are schooled, counseled and often frightened into believing that a successful transition into and through the world of work is primarily determined by external factors – social, cultural, political and economic, which minimizes or excludes factors that may have an even deeper individual impact – biological, psychological, spiritual and environmental. My holistic worklife design approach begins with and builds upon this latter set of factors. 

I’ve since launched my own coaching business, left academia, partnered with a non profit to coach youth experiencing foster care and homelessness, served as an area director for the largest and most successful business networking organization and became a certified Zumba instructor. On the fun side, I’m a film fanatic, spirited fiber artist and a forever Zumba enthusiast. My cutie patootie hubby, a seasoned software engineer in the entertainment biz, and I have designed a life of joy, meaning, fulfillment and contribution that we vigilantly guard to this day. Now, I get to partner with and support you while you discover your “just right” work and design your “whole body hell yeah” lifestyle. Part of living my best life is helping you claim and live yours!

My Coaching Approach

I believe a successful coaching partnership begins with mutual respect and curiosity. My approach is holistic, as all aspects of our lives are integrated and can pointedly reveal what’s working or not working in the others. My intention is to actively listen and honor your story, meet you where you are, ask thought-provoking questions and together identify potential obstacles and opportunities. Then, you’ll set your GPS and we’ll roll up our sleeves and get busy uncovering your “just right” solutions.

As we move through this process, we’ll discuss questions like: What is your work print™? What drives your decision making process? What are you willing to let go to change your lifestyle/work life? What are you not willing to let go to change your lifestyle/work life? What will your new lifestyle/work life look and feel like? and so much more.

Although my primary approach includes targeted discussions, I stand ready to suggest and guide you through a variety of proven tools, techniques and/or strategies to help you identify and dissolve blindspots, overcome obstacles and establish a path to success on your terms. Let’s get started!

What my clients say

“Robbi was FANTASTIC to work with. When I first started, I was at a job in an industry I hated. I had no idea what to do about it either. Robbi was able to figure out who I am, understand what’s important to me, and then help me figure out what I truly enjoy. I am very grateful for her help and support. She is amazing at her job and her experience is very rich. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing guidance to find true happiness, purpose, and understanding.” – Tim R.

“Ama La Vida has provided me excellent support in determining the next steps in my life and helping me to move forward. If I hit another stumbling block I will be back for more coaching!” – Patricia A M.

“Robbi was fantastic and helped me determine what was important so I could move out of position that I was really unhappy in and was able to guide me in a different direction based on my strengths.” – Elizabeth H.

“I was feeling stuck when I started working with Robbi and she helped me to reframe my problems and see that the answers were easier to attain than I originally thought. She was patient and caring, but also willing to call me out when I very much needed it. Mostly she felt invested in my outcomes and wanted to do the work to get me there.” – Dan S.

Ready to try coaching?

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