This is my story

Hi! I am Stacy, a Relationship Strategist here at Ama La Vida. I live by the mantra “Nourish the Acorn”. It is a simple reminder that just as acorns can become big mighty oaks, we also already hold everything within ourselves to reach our greatest potential. Though the outcome is not guaranteed, with proper nourishment and environmental conditions we will flourish. Through my yoga practice, trauma healing, and working with mentors and coaches like those here at Ama La Vida I have been able to find alignment within, follow joy, and surround myself with people that celebrate my wins and sit with me through my losses.

I live a life I L O V E  as a conscious business owner, leader, and local realtor here in San Diego. Traveling and my nieces are my greatest teachers in life and where I enjoy spending my free time.

I am a huge advocate for investing in yourself. In this role I am just doing my part to support you in your journey to discover your greatest potential. Together we can create forests!

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