Executive Coach Training Program (Coach Training EDU)Masters of Social Work (University of Michigan)Bachelors of Art in Brain, Behavior, and Cognitive Science and Italian Studies (University of Michigan)

Hi! My name is Teague, and I’m so glad you’re here.
I am a Career Coach with Ama La Vida. I was born in South Bend, raised near Cleveland, and now call Ann Arbor, Michigan my home – so, if you couldn’t tell, I love the Midwest. I believe in being kinder than necessary, but I’m equally unafraid to challenge my clients and stretch them beyond their comfort zone.  I also believe that there are few simpler pleasures in life than reading a good book with a hot cup of coffee in hand. As a Career and Lifestyle Coach, I specialize in working with people who feel “stuck” in some way – whether it’s not being satisfied at work, feeling like they can’t balance all of their responsibilities, or needing some extra support as they work through a transition or tackle a big goal. I help clients set achievable and measurable goals that are aligned with their values and big-picture visions. We measure change over time (I love data!) and ensure that coaching is accelerating their path to success. In addition, I am a licensed clinical social worker with experience in healthcare, the justice system, research, and academia.  While I have learned a lot from all of these areas, I wanted to add a different type of client to my workflow. As a coach, I utilize very different skills, techniques, and strategies than I do as a social worker. Coaching is very different from therapy and I take care to ensure we’re not crossing that boundary. The coaching clients that I love most to work with are driven, committed, and accomplished go-getters, ready to realize their utmost potential!  I believe deeply in the limitless potential of the human spirit and the power of community, and I feel incredibly fortunate to work with a variety of clients and help them reach their goals.

This is My Coaching Approach

My coaching style involves thoughtful questions and targeted feedback, and requires both of us to dig in and commit to the process. I’m ready if you are.I fully believe you have everything you need to make big changes, and it’s my job to help you recognize your abilities and strengthen your skills. Even if you’re doing well in your career or personal life, I believe there is always room to do better, and I love working with clients who are interested in continuous self-development. As a coach, I approach our sessions with heart (kindness and compassion) as well as heat (challenge and growth), and put equal focus on self-discovery and achievable action steps.

I usually begin my work with clients by centering around their career-related concerns, whether that’s deciding upon a new career path, landing a new job, or developing key leadership skills. Once you’re feeling settled and satisfied in your employment, we often transition into additional domains such as building strong relationships, developing leadership skills and self-confidence, or maintaining health and wellness routines. I take a holistic approach to coaching and know that all facets of life are intertwined and equally important, and I work with you to identify what your priorities are. I have training in a variety of approaches that I tailor based on your unique needs.Helping my clients tackle goals – big or small – is my main priority.

What makes working with me special? 

In my opinion, our work together doesn’t stop at just the two of us. It’s important for me to cultivate a sense of community among our clients. It’s pretty incredible to see what can happen when passionate, intelligent, good-hearted people come together. Here’s a recent shot from a “Tea with Teague” event I hosted at our Chicago office. I would love for you to join the next one!

From the Horse’s Mouth…

“Working with ALV was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made! I signed up for the “Get That Job” program and started working with Coach Teague during a challenging time. I had received my Master’s degree and was trying to make a career move. I was going on interviews, but I wasn’t getting the offers from any of the companies I was interested in. I knew I was doing all the right things, but it just wasn’t happening. I started going through the weekly modules and having weekly sessions with Teague. The program helped me really think through the job search process in a more mindful way. I realized I needed to line my values up with a company that shared those values. Four weeks into the program, I got an offer from a company that was exactly what I was looking for, and that’s where I work today! If you’re going through the same struggle that I was, and you’re wondering whether or not this program was worth it, I will tell you and everyone I talk to that it definitely is! …If you are ready to “Get That Job,” then I urge you to commit to this program and to yourself because it will be the best decision you can make!”

“I highly recommend Teague who I work with and can’t say enough good things about! She is highly intelligent, supportive and a great listener. She is ideal for when you decide to invest in yourself.”

“Teague was by far, one of the best coaches I have ever been fortunate enough to work with. Her skills go beyond that of the traditional career coach who simply listens and asks standard questions. Instead, she serves as a genuine consultant who offers expert advice and selectively uses questions as a tool to dig underneath the surface and into the root causes. She does this all while calibrating her approach to her client needs, and remaining focused on actual results.

In addition, Teague is an excellent synthesizer of information. It is perhaps my favorite of her many superpowers. Her ability to summarize many of my scattered thoughts into crystal clear notes and actions steps was a true gift to which I am super grateful.

Teague is a true coaching leader who genuinely cares about her clients and I can thank her enough for all of the support!”

“Working with Teague was one of the best decisions I have made on my journey of self-care. She is patient, thoughtful, and truly invested in my growth as a person. She made me feel completely at ease and motivated at the same time. I learned so much about myself while working with Teague. She invested in me and I invested in myself, and from that I have grown so much as a person.”“I was so skeptical going into this program. I figured, what do I have to lose? The answer was nothing – I had everything to gain! Teague did an amazing job guiding me through the career design program and helping me find MULTIPLE dream career options. I still am in disbelief that this program actually worked for me. Thanks again to Teague and Ama La Vida! I would definitely recommend Teague and ALV to anyone seeking to find their purpose and potentially a different career!”

“I completed the Career Designer program in anticipation of relocating to a new part of the country. I wanted to use the opportunity of switching companies to take a closer look at my career thus far, and learn about how I could be more intentional in finding a company and job that suited me.

The online modules were very valuable and forced me to think about my life in a way I’d never done before! I enjoyed digging deep into my passions, gifts, values, and purpose. It’s helped me to think about how I live each day and make sure I’m doing things that fulfill my purpose. I found having to choose priorities and see how different careers fit those priorities very useful.

I also had weekly calls with Coach Teague to talk through my progress on the modules and specific concerns related to my job search. Those conversations were highly valuable in customizing the Career Designer program to be most relevant to my immediate situation.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who feels stuck in their career and wants to experience life in a more meaningful way! It is a lot of work, but definitely worth the effort.”Teague and the ALV coaching method are what I’ve been looking for to not only help me in this cross-roads phase of my life, but set me up for life-long success. They make you stop and really think about what type of life you want and then provide you the tools to go after it! I can’t say enough praises about their methodology and support!

“ALV was tremendous in helping me with my career change. I had a lot of other change happening at the same time and they were patient and professional while I dealt with it all. Highly recommend for anyone not sure what you want to do in your professional life. They helped me not only figure what direction I wanted to go but gave me the tools to get the job I wanted.”