Therese Coach Headshot

Illinois State University – Masters in Organizational Communication
John Marshall Law School – Juris Doctorate 30+ years of experience

This is my story

Hello! As a career coach, I have a passion to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. With over three decades of experience in the fields of organizational and human communication, I have successfully empowered clients to navigate the evolving job market, make strategic career moves, and find fulfillment in their work.   

My passion for life coaching and career development began early in my career when I designed and taught organizational communication courses focusing on leadership, team building, resilience, and conflict resolution. This work laid a strong foundation for my deep understanding of the unlimited nature of human potential. It also ignited my desire to help people align their life and career visions with their passions and strengths.  

As a young single mother working a full-time job, I went to law school at night to advance my career and the well-being of my family. My past personal and professional challenges are what drive me to make a lasting impact as I help clients with similar choices and a deep desire to advance. I understand that life takes twists and turns and I know the amount of effort and support that’s needed to conquer the rough times.

My personal journey of determination, resilience, and positive thinking is what guides me as a coach. Whether I work with recent graduates seeking their first job, mid-career professionals considering a change, or executives aiming to advance in their careers, I have the knowledge and insights necessary to help.

I Serve

Leaders who:
  • Are mid-level managers who seek coaching to develop their communication skills and leadership abilities, improve their team’s capacity to excel in group dynamics, and advance within their organization.
  • Young professionals and advancing employees who are on a leadership track who can benefit from career coaching to accelerate their upward mobility.
  • Business and entrepreneurs who work with a coach to navigate challenges inherent in starting and growing a company, not limited to leadership and management issues.
Professionals who:
  • Welcome insights on how to enhance all aspects of their communications. 
  • Seek assistance in setting priorities, goals, and developing action plans to achieve them. 
  • Are motivated to move past limiting beliefs to create exciting visions for their personal and professional lives. 
  • Are ready to explore the facets of leadership, group dynamics, and building individual resilience in themselves and their team members.
People who:
  • Are in a career transition and need help identifying transferable skills, networking, or rebranding themselves.
  • Are recent graduates who seek assistance enriching their communication skills, identifying their strengths, exploring career options, and developing job search strategies.
  • Are mid-career professionals seeking career guidance on employment changes to advance in their careers or improve work-life balance.
  • Searching for a new job, experiencing burnout, or experienced a downsizing, or guidance on rebuilding their careers.

My Coaching Approach

My coaching approach is tailored to each client. Together we construct a foundation of trust, open communication, and accountability that supports a safe container for the coaching experience. I follow a client-centered approach to help clients enrich their core confidence, which is essential in all areas of life. I believe that who you are as a person is how you show up to your career, so we start by exploring your values and beliefs that lead to your current career path, which will guide you to your future career choices. 

Understanding your career objectives, strengths, and values, provides us a foundation for growth and transformation. Throughout our time together, I provide you with exercises, self-reflection, feedback, encouragement, and goal attainment, while keeping you accountable and on track with your life vision. 

We are a team! We both invest in the development of your core confidence, empowering beliefs, and personal choices that support you to grow into your ideal self, who attracts your ideal career.