Or, let’s rephrase that…

What if by next year, you were no longer passed over for promotions and raises, taken for granted and in a dead-end job with no room for growth?

You were in a career that aligned with your talents, interests and passions, and you were super clear on your path forward…

You spend 86,400 hours of your life at your job. You deserve to spend them doing something you love, and spending your days counting down to retirement is NOT a way to live.

You are worthy of so much more, and we’re here to show you how…

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You know that in order to land your dream job, you need to take the lead in your own career…

However, you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like…

➡ “How will I ever find a job when I’m this stressed, exhausted, and burned out?”

➡ “Is it even possible for me to find a dream job, when I don’t even know what my passions are?”

“Are there even jobs doing what I love that pay enough?”

“I know I’m meant for more in life, but what?”

“Why can’t I find a job where I actually get to use my talents, skills and abilities?”




Imagine getting that offer with a bonus and extra PTO… without overwhelm, fear and anxiety leading your every move?

What would that do for your life? You’d…

Feel energized and inspired to start work everyday
⭐ Be fully supported in your new role
Have confidence when leading yourself on your path, knowing and trusting your inner compass
⭐ Experience a career that integrates seamlessly into your lifestyle
⭐ Have peace of mind embarking on your career journey


If you want to learn how to land a role in your dream industry,
where you feel fulfilled and energized by your work AND meet your financial goals…

…We have something for you…

Introducing The ALV Career Method eCourse

The step-by-step program that teaches you how to land a job
you love and build the career of your dreams.

Here’s what you get inside the
ALV Career Method eCourse…

Phase 1: Learn To Know Thy Self

Uncover your hidden self to discover what types of roles you’re best suited for. We’ll walk you through identifying your passions, values, gifts, and purpose, as well as any negative patterns that might have developed for you over the course of your career so that you can be intentional throughout your job-hunt journey.

Phase 2: Positioning Yourself

Learn how to position yourself within the field by defining your personal brand across social channels and honing your resume and interview skills. We’ll be walking through the key elements you need include when thinking about your personal brand and how you can leverage that to stand out when applying to your dream positions.

Phase 3: Get Your Dream Compensation Package

Your compensation is more than just your salary and vacation days. We’ll guide you through identifying all the different considerations and negotiables as your discussing offers with potential employers so you can start your first day feeling supported and ready to work!

Phase 4: Work toward your long-term goals

Too many people make the mistake of coasting once they’ve landed their dream job. Don’t wait to be skipped for a promotion, caught in a toxic environment, or just bored at work. Learn how to start managing your career and taking the lead in your life!

Here’s what Connor said about The ALV Career Method eCourse…

“This learning experience was absolutely incredible. The program is completely tailored to YOU. Traditional career quizzes and counseling have never worked for me because they tried to put me in a box. Ama La Vida’s programs are different because they help you create your own life through short journal-type entries, instead of asking you to fill out multiple choice questions that pinpoint a usually imperfect future. I will treasure my final report containing all the hard work and realizations I’ve come to, and it’s already been a fundamental tool for deciding which path to follow. The course is a must for anyone that feels lost and craves a sense of drive and direction… and even if you don’t feel that way just yet, its a good idea to get a head start on avoiding that mid-life crisis. Taking this course was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while – I couldn’t recommend it more.

What makes The ALV Career Method eCourse different?

Ama La Vida takes a holistic view of your career. It’s not about just landing a job, this course is designed to help you find your dream career, with a long term view to your success and happiness.

We utilize proven coaching methodologies and have developed proprietary coaching curriculums in our eCoaching platform to support our clients and students.

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💻 Instant access to The ALV Career Method eCoaching program. We’ve designed a comprehensive program to help you navigate your career transition in 4 phases:

1) Uncover your hidden self & find your perfect job
2) Position yourself within the field & get that ideal job
3) Maximize your compensation & prepare for success on the job
4) Work toward your long-term career goals
(Value = $200)

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📝 Trainings, worksheets and guides that will help walk you through each of the modules. It’s like your personal guide to help you through each phase. (Value = $49)


🙌 One-year access to everything so you don’t have to rush your process! Go back and re-watch any modules as you need, and take your time as you discover and land your dream job and role. (Value = Priceless)

Total Value = $249

Today’s Price = $99 $79

*Available to residents of the US and Canada only

Did someone say there’s a BONUSES?!

In addition to the entire ALV Career Method eCourse, we’re also giving you a special bonus to kickstart your career transition.

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You’ll receive an all-access pass to our ALV Connect Community Slack channel for ongoing support. Ask questions, challenges, celebrations and shares come up, pop over to the group and get direct support from your peers and ALV coaches. This community is available to you as soon as you register.


Receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the PIVOT! Masterclass with Brooke when you register before Aug 12th.


Who is Ama La Vida?

Ama La Vida is one of the world’s leading career, leadership, health and life coaching companies. We have a team of coaches throughout the country, and we serve clients all around the globe. We partner with corporations, universities and individuals to provide personalized coaching across our many areas of expertise.

We coach in a wide variety of environments and contexts, and we work with clients who are just starting their careers all the way to top CEOs. Though our clientele is quite diverse, we find there are some common themes among them.

We exist to help you on your ongoing journey to become the person you want to be and to enjoy life to its fullest. Our clients come from many walks of life, but the thing they have in common is a deep desire to “always be bettering” and to be surrounded by others who understand and support them in pursuing their passions and goals. Our coaches partner with you to bring clarity to those goals and to keep you accountable to the vision of life and work that you have for yourself.

We’ll see you inside the program!

The Team at ALV

Who is most successful with this course?

The more open and honest you are with yourself as you work through the content, the better off you’ll be! You’ll need to be brave in acknowledging your personal gifts (which is surprisingly hard for some people!), and also honest about your priorities. This isn’t just about getting a job. This is about getting a job you love.

How does this work? I’m not very techy.

Do not worry! Our online program is very user-friendly. Once you have your account, you’ll log in and complete the modules, which are as simple as reading, watching videos, doing some online journal-style reflections, and hitting “submit.” If you ever get stuck, our online Slack community is there to help! 

Right now is a busy time for me, I’m worried I won’t have time! 

There is no rush. You’ll have a full year to work through the program content at your own pace.

What are your success rates from people who complete the program?

The ALV Career Method is a framework that has been proven time and time again to work for our clients. However, you will absolutely get out what you put in. Some of our clients receive offers within 10 weeks of completing the course. Others can take much longer than that.

We are confident that if you take the time to work through the content openly and honestly, you will have clarity on your next step and confidence in moving forward toward achieving your goals.

Will this help me with my resume, LinkedIn and interview skills?

Yes! We’ll work through all of this in detail in this program.

Is there a clear assessment of what I should do for my next role?

The ALV Career Method will walk you through our proprietary process of identifying your passions, gifts, values and purpose, which you will then use to identify your next career move. 

How long will this take to get a new job?

That all depends on you! You can take as much time as you’d like to work through the content. The more thoroughly you work through the process, the faster you will see results.

This program helped me unearth possibilities that I knew existed but had no idea how to get to. I’d recommend it for anyone who wants more clarity about their next move in their career.




This program is a perfect fit for you, if you answer yes to any of these statements…

✔ You “fell into” a career trajectory only to realize it wasn’t what you actually wanted

✔ Are disillusioned by the idea of a dream job and not sure what to do next

✔ Know you want to change industries but unsure where to start

✔ Have recently been laid off or let go, and want to find a job that’s a better fit

✔ Are tired of toxic work environments and ready for a change

✔ Have recently experienced a life change (new child, need to move, sick family member, etc) and need a job that can accommodate that

✔ Know you are meant for more and ready to embark on your dream career journey



Online Career Method Course

$99 $79 for 1-year access

  • Instant access to The ALV Career Method eCoaching program
  • Exclusive access to the ALV Connect Slack Channel
  • Trainings, worksheets and guides that will help walk you through each of the modules.

Personal Coaching Membership

Starting at $379 monthly

  • Remote 1:1 coaching sessions each month with your individually-matched coach to keep you on track, accountable, and moving forward
  • Full access to the eCoaching program suite
  • Exclusive access to the ALV Connect Slack Channel

* Available to residents of the US and Canada only