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The Daily Guru and Ama La Vida have teamed up to bring your goals even closer within reach. Founded by Rebecca Sparks, also a career coach with Ama La Vida, The Daily Guru is an online publication which showcases the latest research, tools and resources for personal and professional growth. The inspiration and ideas found within The Daily Guru are endless. A partnership with Ama La Vida which provides a concrete path for your inspiration to come to life seemed natural. Any time you visit The Daily Guru, you can’t help but craft new goals, dreams and visions for the future. And working with an Ama La Vida coach is the fastest and most effective way to make them come to life.


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So what does this mean?

  1. You’ll notice on our site that we no longer have a “blog” tab at the top of our website – it now says “The Daily Guru!” The Daily Guru is our new home for ALV content and where you’ll be able to read our latest research, articles and blog posts from your favorite coaches.

2. It will be a lot easier to find the information you’re looking for and to stay in the loop on upcoming ALV events. The Daily Guru’s easy to navigate site will help you find resources for professional you, personal you and emotional you. And all ALV resources will be flagged so you can easily tell when it was created by one of our coaches or specialists. The Daily Guru will also feature our upcoming workshops, webinars and events so you’re always up to date on all things ALV!

3. We will be creating and sharing a lot more free tools and resources! For starters, The Daily Guru and Ama La Vida have collaborated to create a free life assessment survey. This will help you figure out which area of your life is in need of a little TLC. Click the button below to get started!

About The Daily Guru

Growth & Development is a vital part of everyone’s health and happiness and is also one of the most rewarding experiences we can all embrace.

This is why Rebecca Sparks set out to create a dedicated Hub for the Growth & Wellness industry.

Founded in 2014, The Daily Guru is an online publication which provides free, fresh and easy-to-digest daily content for young, aspirational women. The Daily Guru community discusses, researches and explores many of the challenges women face and experience in their professional, personal & romantic lives.

The publication provides educated and practical information, as well as useful tips, differing viewpoints, inspirational stories and easy-to-follow advice on all things to do with personal growth and wellbeing.

Ultimately, The Daily Guru encourages women to educate themselves around making better decisions and provides the tools to allow them to create the life they want.

The publication brings the Gurus of the industry to its readers, offering their expert advice and insights. The Daily Guru also delivers live events, which enable the industry to showcase its talents and products with a highly engaged audience.

We could not be more excited to team up with such a well-aligned organization and talented founder!

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