Coaching you to action

Welcome to Ama La Vida – we are so happy you’re here, taking the time to invest in yourself and your future. By now, you have already connected with one of our relationship specialists and perhaps a coach. We can tell you are deeply committed to your success and so are we. This is why we are giving you this tool for free. We want you have a roadmap for your goals and while we hope to support you in achieving them, we know the power of writing down our goals and identifying action steps. Congratulations for investing in yourself. We can’t wait to be part of your coaching journey!

Prospect Goal Setting
You’re doing great – your goals are beginning to take shape as real actions and a real plan. It’s helpful to view your short-term goal as the first step on a longer path. Between this immediate goal and your medium-term goal in three months, what are 3 smaller milestones you’d like to hit that will represent progress?
Fantastic work, you have the outline of a real action plan now – a guideline where there wasn’t one before. There are more details you can add, but you have a clear goal in mind and milestones to get you there, as well as actions you can take today. So now for the last question. It may seem simple, but your answer to this question is more important than all the other answers put together: Will you take action today? *
Congratulations – if you’ve come this far, you’re saying “yes” to a better world.