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04/17/20 - Randi Hill
companies hiring remote employees for remote jobs

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. This edition of 9 cool jobs focuses on companies hiring for remote jobs. With the uncertainty accompanying COVID-19SARS many people who are looking for a job are now feeling lost and out of options. This list was created to give you a jump start on your job search; we believe not even a global health crisis can get in your way of landing a cool job! Right now we are focusing on companies that are currently in the process of hiring for remote jobs, even after this is all over. If you know of a cool company hiring, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Now, onto the list of cool companies hiring for remote jobs!


Why we like it: It’s no surprise that the internet has made a lot of things easier. Unfornetly it had drastic effects on the spread of child sex trafficking, greatly impacting the total number of children who are sexually abused. If you’re looking to take a stand and play an active part in protecting the children of the world, this company is the peanut to your butter! 

If you are interested in available jobs Thorn at you can find the list here.


Why we like it: Animalz is a content marketing agency with a focus on creating content that audiences love! They are a fully remote company which means you’ll be working from home long after COVID19 is over. If you’re looking for career advancement, benefits, and a wellness stipend, Animalz could be your new home. Currently, they are looking for members to join their content team.

If you are interested in available jobs at Animalz you can find the list here.

Simple Texting

Why we like it: Simple Texting is another fully remote company with a team spread out through 8 different countries! If you’re looking for a group of lifelong learners and you’re interested in sales, design or data, Simple Texting could be a great fit. Simple Texting is looking for self-starters who enjoy flexible vacation time and transparent leadership. Say hello to working from anywhere! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Simple Texting you can find the list here.


Why we like it: Pressable is home to all things WordPress. With insurance, 401(k) matching and a “work from anywhere” culture you really can’t go wrong here. They are looking for sales and engineering roles currently. If you’re ready to enjoy some generous time off and a yearly team-building retreat, say hey to your dream job!

If you are interested in available jobs at Pressable you can find the list here.


Why we like it: Inside is a network of newsletters. They curate specific content wrap-ups and deliver in-depth updates on hundreds of topics weekly. They are not a fully remote company, but they do love their remote employees. If you’re looking for a writing gig, an editing position or sales role, these ones come with benefits and generous PTO. 

If you are interested in available jobs at Inside you can find the list here.


Why we like it: Dataquest is on a mission to help everyone who wants to learn about data science. What makes Dataquest unique is their fully remote and growing team! Right now they are 30 people large spread over 8 time zones. If you’re an engineer who feels strongly about providing affordable education, maintaining a self-reliant business and you enjoy flexible PTO, insurance and company offsites you’re a perfect match!

If you are interested in available jobs at Dataquest you can find the list here.


Why we like it: Toggl is leading the charge when it comes to time tracking, remote work and productivity. If you’re looking for marketing or development positions you can join a global team that allows you to “work locally.” Toggl’s employees say the best part about working for Toggl is “the flexible hours, the collaborative team and the way they prioritize work/life balance.”  

If you are interested in available jobs at Toggl you can find the list here.


Why we like it: We love Zapier because it really does “make you happier!” Zapier is an automation tool we use here at ALV, and it saves us hundreds of hours. If you’re looking for roles in marketing, development or their talent community, we encourage you to apply. Altogether, they have a comprehensive list of benefits ranging from a “work from anywhere” policy to 14 weeks of paid leave for new parents, they really are the cherry on top of all remote companies. 

If you are interested in available jobs at Zapier you can find the list here.


Why we like it: ReCharge is here to make it simple and easy for companies to launch subscription-based businesses. If you’re looking to join a remote team with unlimited PTO in a product, engineering, marketing, growth, customer success or people operations role, we’re sure you can find a role you love at ReCharge! 

If you are interested in available jobs at ReCharge you can find the list here.

And this edition comes with a bonus company hiring for remote jobs! 


Why we like it: Better.com is exactly what it sounds like, a better way to do something! The team at Better.com is here to help you buy a house through their seamless and quick process. They aren’t a fully remote company but have lots of listings for all jobs either remote or at a local office. In addition, their employees say, “the remote onboarding process is stellar.” If you’re ready to make a transition, today is your day! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Better.com you can find the list here.

If you’re excited about one of these remote companies, but maybe you are struggling to get the attention of employers you can try booking a complimentary consultation with us here. Our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land a very cool new remote job!

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