9 Cool Jobs: Companies Hiring In Tech

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05/15/20 - Randi Hill
companies hiring in tech

Our clients and community are looking for unique jobs in a fun environment. This edition of 9 cool jobs focuses on companies hiring for interesting roles in tech. There is a lot of uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, but companies are in fact still hiring. If you are looking for a new tech role, this list may help you with your job search! 

If you know of a cool company hiring, you can submit it here for us to consider for a future post!

Now, onto the list of cool companies hiring in Tech!


Location: Chicago

Why we like it: DocuSign makes organizing agreements and contracts a piece of cake! With over 50 open positions in multiple departments within the company, we know you’ll find something you love. The DocuSign places great emphasis on D&I to help ensure culture and inclusion are a top priority. If you’re looking for a role with great benefits, a 401k plan and lots of professional development resources, DocuSign would make a great home! 

If you are interested in available jobs at DocuSign you can find the list here.


Location: San Francisco, CA

Why we like it: Brex is a fintech company doing it’s best to give spending, saving and borrowing control back to the customer. The team at Brex shares a deep love for data and analysis. If you’re a data nerd and looking to put down some roots, Brex has openings across a handful of departments including, product, marketing, development and design. We’re excited about the 401k plans, generous parental leave and lots of PTO. This a company you can’t overlook!

If you are interested in available jobs at Brex you can find the list here.


Location: Denver, CO

Why we like it: Nylas is a sync platform allowing companies and developers to quickly integrate their apps with email, contacts, and calendars across all providers. The team at Nylas is proudly a diverse team (50% female and non-binary throughout the org, including engineering!) that values inclusion and transparency. With openings across most departments, great vacation policies and perks for working parents, we know you’ll find a role you love here!

If you are interested in available jobs at Nylas you can find the list here.


Location: New York, NY

Why we like it: Bluecore makes email marketing easy with AI integration. The team at Bluecore is focused on “helping our clients solve high-impact problems.” If you’re looking for a role in The Big Apple they have openings on the data & analytics, sales and development teams! Each role is complete with extensive health benefits, a remote work program and unlimited PTO. This sounds like a winner to us! 

If you are interested in available jobs at Bluecore you can find the list here.


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Why we like it: Dave helps solve the immediate financial challenges created by the banking system in the U.S. With a fun-loving and eclectic group in the office we know you’ll fit right into any one of the current openings. With unlimited PTO, flexible work hours, great insurance and a 401k program, we’re excited for you to give Dave a look!

If you are interested in available jobs at Dave you can find the list here.


Location: Centennial, CO

Why we like it: IntelePeer is a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaas) to help its clients improve customer experience. With a handful of open roles across all aspects of the company and a great list of perks and benefits we know you’ll be a great addition to the team at IntelePeer. Fun fact: IntelePeer awards two employees with the “Above and Beyond” and “Blitzscaling” awards along with a $300 cash prize for an adventure of their choosing! 

If you are interested in available jobs at IntelePeer you can find the list here.


Location: Chicago, IL

Why we like it: ActiveCampagin was founded in 2003 and helps businesses across the globe serve their customers better. The team at ActiveCampagin describes their culture as one with, “an unspoken understanding between all teams that we are in this together and here to raise each other up every day.” If you’re looking for a role with camaraderie and community, we’re sure you’ll find something you love in ActiveCampaign’s openings! With great benefits, D&I initiatives and lots of personal development options, we know you’ll love it. 

If you are interested in available jobs at ActiveCampaign you can find the list here.


Location: Boston, MA

Why we like it: DataDog is an infrastructure management service company rooted in its value of kindness. If you’re looking to work with nice employees and enjoy generous PTO, we’re hoping you’ll find a role you love in one of DataDog’s 60 openings! Lastly, these roles are complete with a great 401k and remote work program. So no matter where your future is headed, DataDog is ready for you!

If you are interested in available jobs at DataDog you can find the list here.


Location: Austin, TX

Why we like it: BigCommerce believes, “Distance doesn’t diminish culture.” The company was founded in Australia and is headquartered in Austin. Despite the thousands of miles between its prime locations, each and every employee embodies the same passionate and approachable entrepreneurial spirit. BigCommerca has about 20 current openings. With health insurance, paid sick days and lots of professional development benefits, we know you’ll love working here! 

If you are interested in available jobs at BigCommerce you can find the list here.

If you’re excited about one of these cool job titles, but maybe you are struggling to get the attention of employers? In addition to all the work you have done, you can try booking a complimentary consultation with us here. So, our career coaches are standing by ready to help you land a very cool new job!

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