Author: Jesse Simpson

A Stress Fighting Strategy for Proactivity

Proactive people consciously create their lives. Reactive people try to catch up. Proactive people make things happen. Reactive people wait for them to happen. Proactive people build the house. Reactive people clean up the mess.  Being proactive helps you create a life of health, wellness, and wellbeing while aiding in the prevention of anxiety, overwhelm, […]

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veterans day

Since separating from the US Marines I’ve lost brothers to suicide, murder charges, and drug overdose. I’ve battled anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance abuse and suicidal thoughts myself.  As more and more of the men and women I served with lose or take their lives, I see this day as a time to reflect on my […]

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practical tips to help you manage stress in the midst of chaos

Did you know that up to 80% of illness and disease is precipitated by stress? While doctors once thought our genes predetermined our destiny, we now know that it’s our internal and external environment which signals our DNA to effectively turn on a disease process. Today I‘d like to talk to you about stress, the […]

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how to manage your difficult family members during the holidays

For more than 10 years, I haven’t lived with my family. In fact, I was kicked out of my home during my freshman year in high school and have only ever returned for holidays, birthdays and special occasions. I love my family to death and trust that they are doing the best they can with […]

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Your physical body is your one and only vehicle through this life. Take care of it because no one else will. We get no do-overs. Although there are many different dimensions of wellness, today, on National Fitness Day, let’s talk about the love it or hate it dimension of fitness. This post is a list […]

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a lamp and a bed to help you think about your nightly routine

Did you know what you do the night before significantly affects how you show up the next day? While the morning mindset, movement, and motivation routine will work wonders to shake the cobwebs off, there’s no replacement for a solid amount of shut-eye. I recommend adding these habits and upgrades to your nightly routine to […]

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