Author: Jesse Simpson

A Stress Fighting Strategy for Proactivity

Proactive people consciously create their lives. Reactive people try to catch up. Proactive people make things happen. Reactive people wait for them to happen. Proactive people build the house. Reactive people clean up the mess.  Being proactive helps you create a life of health, wellness, and wellbeing while aiding in the prevention of anxiety, overwhelm, […]

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a lamp and a bed to help you think about your nightly routine

Did you know what you do the night before significantly affects how you show up the next day? While the morning mindset, movement, and motivation routine will work wonders to shake the cobwebs off, there’s no replacement for a solid amount of shut-eye. I recommend adding these habits and upgrades to your nightly routine to […]

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man going for a morning run because he believes in making his mornings matter

Humans are wired for structure and routine. The certainty they provide creates order in the midst of chaos. But I’m not talking about the type that has you thinking, feeling and doing the same thing every day without any conscious thought. I’m suggesting you need a structure that provides you with balance, clarity, energy and […]

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mornings ready to be mastered

The following is Part 1 of a Master Your Morning series meant to help you start each day the right way. Over the coming articles, I’ll introduce a handful of keys habits to implement to your morning routine. Adjust these ideas to match your age, interests, and ability to start each day proactive, positive and […]

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