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09/25/19 - Jesse Simpson

Your physical body is your one and only vehicle through this life. Take care of it because no one else will. We get no do-overs. Although there are many different dimensions of wellness, today, on National Fitness Day, let’s talk about the love it or hate it dimension of fitness. This post is a list of my 5 tips for fitness in your everyday life.

 If you’re still fighting fitness, it’s because your subconscious mind says you’ll fail. Fortunately, fitness is a tool that can be used to strengthen and sharpen your mind, and body, so you move to a more connected and congruent state. With practice, fitness will help make you feel more alive.  Whether you work out now or know you should read on to uncover 5 tips on how to make fitness stick.

Start small.

When a toddler first learns to walk, do we expect them to take one step and then sign up for their first marathon the next day? Of course not. It even took Patrick Makau Musyoki, a few years before he ran his first 5-K. Fitness is an integral part of your health and happiness. If you have a habit of neglecting your fitness routine, start small to build it back up. Day by day start to build exercise into your routine.

Over time, this will radically transform the way you think, look and feel. Fall in love with the process, each time you get out of bed and step out the door, and all of the little wins that come with each new milestone and PR will start to taste that much sweeter. Step by step you will be well on your way to freedom from the fitness blocks that prevent you from the long, healthy and vibrant life you were meant to live. Dream big, but start small. 

Make it a habit.

Do you know you need to exercise, but always find an excuse to not show up? You’re not alone. Humans evolved to talk themselves out of doing much of anything outside of the oh-so alluring comfort zone. We self-sabotage our own success by letting our habitual thought patterns and paradigms tell us we shouldn’t even start.

If this describes you, it’s time to rewrite your habits in a way that empowers you to be healthy and free. Once you’ve built the habit, all of the thinking is removed and fitness becomes a part of who you are. Now you’re unstoppable! Fitness is the perfect place to cultivate the discipline that will ripple out to all areas of your life. Take all the overthinking and self-sabotaging away by making fitness a habit.

A couple standing for a picture with lake and mountains in the background

Get outside.

I’ll never forget standing above the clouds looking down on Machu Picchu, as the rain cleared and a rainbow stretched across the sky, after a 4-day trek through the Andes Mountains.  Nor will I ever forget the untouched beauty and 80-foot wax palms spanning the Cocorra Valley in the coffee region of Colombia, or trekking the Cocora Valley in Southern Peru while condors flew overhead. The East Rim to Observation Point in Zion National Park is just as spectacular. Have you heard of Humantay Lake? It’s incredible!

You simply cannot find views like this inside of a gym or in front of a screen. There’s no telling what you will find inside of yourself or out in the world once you get outside and move. There is an unlimited number of hikes, walks, runs, climbs, swims, bikes and more, in your backyard and all over the world just waiting to be explored.  Take your fitness outside and go find them for yourself!

Make a friend.

Have you ever thought about making a friend with someone on the trail or at the gym? When we find people with the same goals and interests, we’re more likely to stay focused and accomplish our mission. On this mission of fitness, it’s best not to go at it alone.

In all areas of our lives, we need someone to push us to think bigger and dig deeper. Fitness is no exception.  If you bring a friend with you when you workout, you’re more likely to push yourself further, work out longer, try new exercises and laugh harder. For accountability, friendship, teamwork, and the challenge find a new friend and bring them along with you next time you take on the gym, track or trail. 

Try something new.

Field trip to the trampoline park anyone? I went for my first backflip on a tramp at the age of 28. It was my time.  There’s something about dodgeball fights and backflips that make me come alive. I don’t care if the average age around me is 8. Every time I leave I am hyperventilating and drenched in sweat. It’s amazing!

There are a whole lot of events, teams, and opportunities that are waiting for you to take on. I think it’s your time. Pick up basketball, paintball, frisbee golf, cartwheels, dance, and yoga are all things that are healthy for the body and mind. We’ve got softball, kickball, dodgeball, and volleyball. If you like races, there are mud runs, fun runs, tough mud runs, obstacle course runs, triathlons, 5K’s, 10K’s, bike races and more. If you like music check out these runs with DJs or yoga with DJs.

Check out the 13 toughest races in the world. What else am I missing? There is truly an event, team or tribe for everyone up for the challenge of fun, sun, sweat and trying something new. If something is missing, maybe you should create it.

Discipline is the greatest muscle in the human faculties we can flex to truly master ourselves.

Fitness is the perfect realm to play around as you cultivate a deep sense of discipline and respect for yourself. That does not have to mean mindlessly running anywhere on a treadmill, in a box gym that smells of spray tans and overpriced training packages. It’s ok to have some fun to make fitness stick.

When it comes to exercise, we are only limited by our own imagination.  Exercise should be challenging, but enjoyable. Make discipline a habit, build fitness in your routine. Watch your body, mind and spirit transform as you feel more accomplished, confident and calm.  

getting outside on fitness day

You’ve got a long way to drive in the body you call yours.

Let these 5 tips help to fine-tune it for the road. 

How do you make fitness stick?  

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