Author: John Roccia

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Professional coaching is pretty fantastic. It shouldn’t be very controversial that I have that opinion; I am, after all, a professional coach myself. Years of doing this kind of work have taught me (just a little) humility, though. So I recognize that no product or service is universal, and there might be all sorts of […]

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I’m a Career Coach. In fact, I lead the team of Career Coaches here at Ama La Vida. And so pretty much all day every day I’m talking, reading and thinking about people’s careers. Because of this position, lots of folks ask me what “secrets” I know that the general public doesn’t. What are the […]

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When you picture the day-to-day job of a career coach, plenty of things come to mind. Helping clients polish their resumes or online profiles. Preparing them for interviews or negotiations. Even just being a resource for them for all the strange questions that come up during the job search process. For me, that also draws […]

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how to interview: how to hit curve balls

In the first three installments of this series, we laid out the proper ways to prepare mentally for an interview, how to navigate the Q&A process, and how to effectively follow up with your interviewers.  Taken all together, that provides a nice road map for a clean process with no surprises. This edition we’re going […]

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How To Interview: The Follow Up

Welcome back to our How To Interview series!  In the last installment, I covered how to nail the all-important question-and-answer process that will make up the bulk of your interview experience.  But as any hiring manager will tell you, that process is only the first stage in winning the job. In order to explain why, […]

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