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01/20/20 - Editorial Staff
become a life coach

The unpredictability of life is what makes it beautiful. Not knowing what will happen next will make you look forward to the coming days. 

However, for some people who don’t know how to manage change effectively, this unpredictability can cause stress to the point where they can no longer function in life. This is one example of when the services of a life coach can come in handy.

A life coach is someone who provides a professional service which empowers their clients to become better versions of themselves and live their best lives.. This is done by helping them create, achieve, and even exceed their goals in their professional and personal lives. Life coaches have credibility since they should have to complete a training program and get credentials from professional associations, such as iNLP Center, before they can work as one.  

Although you need to undergo several processes first, working to become a life coach is a great investment because of the following reasons:

Help Others With The Issues You’ve Experienced Yourself

Every human being goes through several transformative experiences in life and learns different things from those experiences. All of these experiences, regardless if these are negative or positive, can become your foundation to help clients who are currently going through situations you experienced in the past.

Before you decided to become a life coach and spent the time to discover NLP, you might be a small business owner who struggled in the first years of operations and eventually made the business strive and succeed. All of the experiences you earned through these years can significantly help clients who are also thinking about opening their businesses.

Thus, life coaching actually has several niches. If you’re experienced in the business arena and would like to make money from those experiences, you can focus on working as a small business coach.

As a small business coach, you’ll work with your clients to help them identify the issues preventing their business from growing and then come up with an effective strategy to fix these issues. Sure, you might need to tackle some technical aspects of the business, but as a life coach, you need to make sure that your client doesn’t experience burn out in the process.

5 reasons to invest in becoming a coach

Contribute To Other Person’s Self Development

People should gradually develop in order to cope with life’s endless changes. Having the same set of skills ten years after you graduated from college will prevent you from seeking more career opportunities and making the most out of life.

When you work as a life coach, you can prevent stagnancy and positively contribute to your own and other people’s journey towards self-development. Your expertise as a life coach can help your clients transform in a positive way, so they can maximize their potentials to achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

As a life coach, your clients can better understand themselves and create realistic goals with realistic timelines. You’ll function as a third party to your clients to provide unbiased and new insights, giving them another perspective in looking and solving a problem. Thus, your insights will help your clients determine what and how to change.

Improve Your Ability And Desire To Listen

Being a good listener is crucial when you work as a life coach. During your sessions, your clients will vent out their problems. As their life coach, you’re expected to help them craft solutions based on the information they shared.

The training and experience you’ll earn as a life coach allows you to improve your listening skills. Working as a life coach can become your ticket to experience a newfound sense of listening. Over time, your ability and efficiency in listening can significantly improve.

Working as a life coach can expose you to several clients and will eventually teach you to listen in a new and innovative way. Instead of merely listening to the information shared by your clients, you’ll learn to listen better and take note of the following:

You’ll learn how to listen “to”:

You’ll learn how to pay attention to your client’s body language and exterior movements the moment they start talking to you. How they move during your sessions can help you verify certain information and check if their words actually match their actions or if they’re trying to conceal information that’s evident in their body language.

You’ll learn how to listen “for”:

As your clients speak, you’ll know how to determine their passions and dissect their wants and desires from the way they talk. Having this ability allows you to better understand why your clients act or talk in a certain way.

You’ll learn how to listen “with”:

This skill means listening with your heart and connecting with your clients based on the energy they give off. When you know how to listen to your client, you can easily respond to your client’s energy. Which makes it easier to make a connection with them.

Over time, this connection will make it easy for your clients to open up and share more information about their problems.

a rising tide lifts all boats

Allows You To Become An Expert Of Your Own Life

You’ll need to learn a lot of things before you can become a successful life coach. The training and certification are just part of it. As your client increases, so does your experience as a life coach. Collectively, all of the things you experience in this profession can help you become a better life coach in the long run.

But, these experiences don’t only benefit your clients. These can also help you become an expert in your own life. Since you can apply everything you learned in your profession. 

Working with different clients in their unique journeys can help you realize your own victories and transform challenges. This can also help you gain different perspectives in life, allowing you to manage problems easily. 

Thus, your sense of appreciation and gratitude will increase when you work as a life coach.

Become Your Own Boss

Having a stable job is necessary to live comfortably, but working for eight hours a day, five times a week can be stressful for many. This is especially true if you’re looking after your own family. Having a full-time job and family will require you to have a work-life balance to ensure that you can meet all of your responsibilities.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about this problem because being a life coach also allows you to become the entrepreneur you’ve always dreamed of. This means that you don’t have to report to an office in a specific schedule just to earn as you can hold sessions anytime, anywhere.

You can become your own boss when you work as a life coach through the following ways:

Time, freedom, and flexibility:

Unlike having a full-time job, working as a life coach allows you to enjoy time, freedom, and flexibility. As mentioned, you can decide what time you’re going to work and where your sessions will be held.

You can easily organize your schedule to fit your clients without compromising your responsibilities to your friends and family. This privilege enables you to work within a schedule that matches your circadian rhythm and body clock. You can even provide life coaching services to your clients over the phone!

Lastly, you can invite your clients at home or schedule your sessions in an office setting. As a life coach, you can choose to work locally, internationally, in person, and through online platforms, such as Skype. The flexibility is just one of the reasons why being a life coach is a rewarding career.  

High wages:

Life coaches have high earning potential. After going through training and certification, you can charge $150 to $500 per hour or set monthly packages for regular clients. If the client requires you to travel and hold sessions elsewhere, you can even command higher fees from them.

As you build your name and reputation in the industry, you can charge your clients higher for your services. Well-known life coaches even charge $1200 a month per client just to talk for ten minutes every week!

Create additional streams of income:

If you want to break the monotony of talking to your clients all the time, you can make use of your expertise by writing a good book or running a workshop that talks about life coaching. You can also create DVDs or regularly produce online content.

Engaging in these activities can improve your earning potential. They can also help you create a positive brand as a life coach in the industry. Writing books and holding workshops can also become your marketing platforms to entice new clients to pay for your services.

developing the skills you need to coach successfully

Develop The Right Skills

Aside from going through the required training and certification for the profession, you also need to practice several traits to become a successful life coach. For one, you need to constantly maintain a positive attitude to inspire your clients to do better in life. Being passionate, non-opinionated, and honest are also vital when working as a life coach.

When you have the willingness to learn and cultivate the necessary skills for the job, it won’t be long before you can become a great life coach!

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