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Most of us entered the workforce thinking that just putting our heads down and doing the work would get us noticed and promoted. Years later, we find ourselves in a work environment that still is not inspiring, fulfilling, or (even worse) meeting our financial needs! The Big Lie about career success Even though times are […]

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Your personal brand is much more than a logo or a catchy tagline – it’s an identity. When done right, personal branding can help you win new business and advance your career. But building your personal brand doesn’t come overnight. It requires commitment and dedication to working with the channels that yield the best results. […]

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As a Career Coach, I am always asked, “Are cover letters required?” The question when preparing your job materials (resume, LinkedIn, interview prep) seems to be one at large. Then comes further questions, “Where do I begin when writing a cover letter? Is a cover letter relevant or important today?” Since these are questions I’m frequently […]

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Welcome to part 3, my friends! Now that you know your professional purpose, that one thing you’re known for, that feels meaningful and inspiring to you, here’s how you go about actually making it into a brand. But first, let’s review! In part 1, we talked about what actually is a personal brand and why […]

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