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05/29/20 - Editorial Staff
exercising daily to improve health

Exercise is said to be the remedy to almost every health problem you might have from memory loss, Alzheimer’s illness, depression, and many others. However, due to the hectic and very stressful work schedules, you most likely have found yourself cutting down on exercise. This mostly happens as exercise is often regarded as the least important activity, so you start by scaling it down and eventually stopping altogether. In this article, our fitness.life provides a useful list of some of the reasons you must incorporate exercise in your daily routine. Consequently, you will get to understand why exercising daily has outstanding benefits for your body and brain. 

Exercising Daily Helps Lose Weight 

Do you wish to lose that excess weight? If you are, then ourfitness.life recommends exercising every day as one of the best ways of achieving your goal. However, for your physical workouts to be effective, you also need to stick to a healthy diet. 

It would be best if you started small instead of trying to rush yourself into trying to lose weight all at once. Some of the ways of doing this include taking the stairs, walking around the office, parking farther from your office or grocery store, or taking a walk during lunch break. As time passes, you can gradually advance to more intense workout routines that burn many more calories. 

Exercise Helps Reduce Anxiety Levels 

Regular exercise boosts your mental and physical energy, relieves stress and tension, and improves your overall well-being by producing endorphins. Therefore, this makes it an effective and natural treatment for anxiety. Exercise does this by getting you up and moving, thereby allowing you to pay close attention to your surroundings rather than zooming out. 

For example, as you exercise, you get to notice the feeling of wind rushing through your skin, your breathing rhythm, or your feet’ sensation as they hit the ground. As a result, this adds a mindfulness element into your life that allows you to concentrate on how your body feels while exercising. This then assists you in freeing yourself from continually worrying as well as quickly improve your physical form. 

Exercise Helps You Sleep Better 

Poor sleeping patterns are usually associated with a broad range of health issues such as depression, diabetes, and cardiovascular illness. It is thus evident that having enough sleep is vital to boost your overall health. One of the most effective and cheap ways of improving your sleep is by exercising regularly. 

One research published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in December 2014 showed that working out resulted in better sleep. This research is further backed by another study published in the Journal of Sleep Research in October 2015. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective solution for your sleep disorder, exercise is, without a doubt, the go-to solution. You not only benefit from better sleep but also other health benefits without having to deal with any adverse side effects. 

exercise daily to improve your overall health

Exercise Helps Alleviate Certain Health Conditions 

Regular exercise is known to be effective in improving your overall health, and this helps deal with particular health ailments. One of the most acclaimed is how exercise helps improve your heart health. It does this by producing high-density lipoproteins, which is the good cholesterol type, whereas lowering the harmful triglycerides. This helps in not only maintaining your cardiovascular health but also averting risks of getting a cardiovascular illness

Workouts also help prevent specific ailments, including type 2 diabetes, arthritis, stroke, depression, plus types of cancer, for instance, skin, breast, and cervical cancer. 

Exercise Sharpens Your Memory 

Are you looking to boost your memory? If so, you need to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine as it sharpens your memory, and this then helps in learning new concepts a lot faster. This usually happens because sweating according to research increases the production of cells in the hippocampus, responsible for learning and memory. It is in line with this that studies connect the brain development of kids to their physical fitness. 

This does not, however, mean that exercise for improved brainpower is only beneficial to children. As an adult, training often also sharpens your memory, which is essential in improving your workplace productivity. According to one research, running sprints help improve the retention of vocabulary in healthy grown-ups. 

Exercise Helps Prevent And Treat Depression 

Whereas depression is currently the main cause of disability worldwide, only a handful of treatments are effective in treating it. Moreover, these effective treatments are either trial and error, hard to find, and need time to take effect. This however, cannot be said of physical activity which research shows to be more effective compared to these other kinds of treatment for certain types of depression. 

Research shows that working out each day helps in the treatment of depression. This happens thanks to the antidepressant effect of training that is partly moderated through serotonin, a brain chemical that does this partly through a bone-derived neurotrophic factor and also contains certain antidepressants. In contrast, not being physically active makes you more vulnerable to getting depression.   

If you are suffering from depression, exercise is not an appealing activity, which then hampers the treatment of this condition. Exercising helps reduces the risk of getting depression in the first place. 

Exercise Ensures The Gradual Aging of Muscles 

When you reach your forties and fifties, muscle mass usually begins to reduce due to reduced physical activity and aging. As a result, this causes muscular atrophy, which then leads to several health conditions, for example, joint pain. Therefore, as you get older, it becomes vital to maintain or increase your muscle mass by strength training. By doing this, you will build muscle mass to increase balance and strength as well as burn more calories. 

Exercise Helps Tone Your Muscles

Exercising daily will not only help in burning excess calories that help you slim but also tones your muscles and removes body fat. This does not necessarily mean achieving the body physique of bodybuilders, which is as a result of targeted and intense workouts. It instead means freeing your body from the wobbly skin after losing weight and getting belly fat.

Some of the best workout routines to help you do this include sit-ups to get rid of belly fat, jumping rope for your calves, sit-to-stand for your backside, and dumbbells for your upper arms. You can keep yourself motivated by exercising while listening to your favorite music or with a friend. By doing this, you will not get bored with this daily routine. 

woman exercising daily to improve her health

Exercise Makes You Enjoy The Outdoors 

It is everybody’s wish to be a lot more self-confident about their physical looks. If this is a concern you have, consider exercising outdoors every day to boost your self-esteem. Some of the exercises you can do include renting a canoe, hiking, rock-climbing, and jogging. As you do this, you get to soak up the sun, which promotes Vitamin D in the body and also helps lower the chances of getting into depression due to greater self-love. 

Exercise Helps Control Addiction 

Dopamine is a “reward chemical” your brain produces in response to any pleasure, including food, sex, alcohol, or drugs. As time passes, some individuals become hooked on substances that produce dopamine, such as sex, alcohol, or drugs. Fortunately, studies show that regular exercise does aid in recovering from such addictions.

One research showed that persons recovering from alcohol addiction; short workout routines are an effective way of distracting your mind. As a result, these addicts end up desiring less to satisfy their cravings in the short-term.

Exercise Improves Your Sex Life 

This is one benefit of exercise that will, without a doubt, spark your interest. Along with making you feel more motivated to start training every day. Exercise helps improve your sex drive as it makes you more fit and toned, improving your physical appearance, and having more energy. Thus, it is a recommendation that you include some form of exercise into your daily routine. This could include jogging, walking, jumping rope, swimming, playing sports, or any other intense physical activity. 

In men, studies show that exercising daily leads to reduced erectile dysfunction problems, thereby resulting in healthier sex life. On the other hand, regular exercise makes women feel more aroused sexually. 

Exercise Improves Your Skin’s Look 

When exercising, blood flows faster through your body, meaning nutrients and oxygen are transported to your body cells. In addition to that, it helps move waste products out of the body. This then leads to healthier and glowing skin. Furthermore, daily exercise helps relieve you from stress, which causes skin inflammation, thus ensuring your skin is blemish-free and glowing. 

Exercise Boosts Your Body’s Energy Levels 

Does your body feel deprived of energy? If you are experiencing this, exercising every day will help a lot. By not only boosting your endurance but also improving your muscle mass. 

This usually happens because any form of physical activity delivers nutrients and oxygen to your body’s tissues. It will help enhance the effectiveness of the cardiovascular system. With improved lung and heart health, you will have more energy to carry out your daily activities. 

The Bottom Line About Exercising Daily

If you are looking to commit to improving your overall health, feeling better, and still enjoy yourself, exercising every day needs to be ingrained into your daily routine. As time passes, you will then get to experience these remarkable benefits of sticking to a strict exercise program.  

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