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01/16/19 - Teague

I said it in last week’s newsletter, but it bears repeating – January is a month for growth and for determining how you want your year to look. This month’s coaching interview truly speaks to that need to look inward and uncover your “why,” while coupling those big dreams with thoughtful action steps to make them happen. We’re featuring Career Specialist Eden, an incredible member of our team who has a knack for helping her clients to address what they truly want out of life and work while equipping them with tangible skills to achieve epic career success. Let’s get started!

First of all, let’s start this interview by saying that when we asked Eden what her signature party trick is, she responded, “I love to meditate, and will guide anyone who wants to give it a shot – any place, any time – through a guided visualization.” Eden, can you please invite all of us to whatever parties you’re going to? That quote truly sums up who Eden is; she is a coach who makes meaningful growth easy and accessible, and has some fun along the way.

Eden made it clear that all of the buzzwords around purpose, doing what you love, and finding your purpose are truly meaningful as you think about your long-term career path. She notes, “Passion ignites us and drives us forward. It can keep us motivated in times when things may be uncertain.”

Picture the moments when you’re the last one at the office or are feeling overwhelmed by everything on your plate. One driving factor that can keep you going is the reason you started this journey in the first place. Calling upon your “why” can be a powerful tool when it seems easier to simply give up.

True to form, Eden didn’t only want to touch on purpose and passion in her interview. She also has some key interview tips to share with the ALV community. Key takeaways from our time together include:

number onePrepare by practicing developed answers that you plan ahead of time. Review behavioral-based questions, as this is how employers learn about you from your past experiences, based on the behavior and the why behind your actions in your previous roles

number 2When providing examples, don’t forget to focus on your strengths and link your past experiences to the current role you are interviewing for. If you can bridge that connection, you make it easy for the employers to see why you are the right candidate for the position. Let them picture you in the role and understand exactly what you’ve done to prepare you for this new role.

number threeKnow that interviewing is an investment on the employer’s side of things. The company spends valuable time and resources to interview potential new hires. Therefore, they’re likely not wasting their time in bringing you to their office to invest in potentially bringing you on board.

number four Interviewees make their first impression within the first couple of minutes. Look polished and professional, and engage with enthusiasm. A good handshake helps!

number fiveDo not forget to follow-up by sending a professional thank you note after your interview (email is just fine)

I truly loved this interview because it encompassed the purpose-driven work that we do here at Ama La Vida, as well as included actionable steps for our community to improve their job search skills. That’s where we find our sweet spot – developing people and equipping them with what they need to go after what they want. Thanks again, Eden, for sharing your wisdom and spirit. We’ll see the rest of you back here next week!

This week’s challenge

We’re mixing it up this week and incorporating a challenge that anyone in our community can take on. Feeling bummed that you won’t be at a party with Eden so you can practice her party trick? Have no fear! Guided meditation is free, easy, and convenient – and as an added bonus, science tells us it’s helpful for a variety of reasons. Some of our favorite resources for practicing are Simple HabitCalm, and Yoga with Adriene. Your challenge this week is to give it a try. We can’t wait to hear what you think.


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