Social Media and the Introverted Business Owner

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08/13/20 - Frank Hamilton

Growing a successful social media account takes a lot of time. It also requires high social engagement and interaction with other social profiles. Most of these social profiles will be unfamiliar to you. But, if you know anything about introverts, you know that we are comfortable being alone. Also, we aren’t the most social individuals. But what do you do when the success of your business depends on your social presence? Here are some tips to optimize social media if you’re an introverted business owner.  

Respect Who You Are

You are an introvert, own it, and respect it before anything else. Once you accept your identity, it becomes easier for you to listen to your social flow. Respecting your introverted nature also helps you understand what your needs are.

As an introvert, engaging on social media for a long period can be exhausting. So, don’t be afraid to disengage from unimportant conversations.

Spend some time alone to recharge and enjoy your own company. Only go back to your social media platform when you feel recharged.

Use Client Testimonials

Nowadays, you need to humanize your social media business account. This will help you connect on a higher level with your customers. Humanizing your social media account entails putting a face behind the business. Most business owners even share their personal lives on their social accounts. But this might be difficult for an introvert to do.

Share your client’s testimonials on your social media account instead! This is both good for your business and good for you as an introvert. By doing this, you are telling your social media followers that actual humans patronize your brand. You are also validating the positive impact of your brand with these testimonials without sharing your personal life. Along with also promoting your products/services tied to this review, building brand credibility.

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Use Curated Content to Your Advantage

Another way to cut back on the time spent on creating content is to curate your content. Curating content is getting industry-relevant content from an external source and sharing it on your platform.

There are different ways you can go about curating content, but here is how we would do it:

  • Search for industry-relevant content on social media platforms. Blogs and Google are also great places to try – be sure that content applies to your niche.
  • The content should also speak to your audience and should seem personal.
  • Edit content to add some context in your own words and ensure that you give credit when you upload said content.

Curating content also means you don’t have to share so much of your personal life with your followers. This will be an irreplaceable tip for introverted business owners on social media. 

Highlight Your Team

Humanizing your brand and the positive impact it has on your business, but do you know you can give it a face that isn’t yours? Make your team the face of your brand! This will reduce the social pressure you might face to share your personal life or always be on your social media.

A few tips to making your team the face of your brand:

  • Encourage your team to get in front of the camera and interact with your followers
  • Create content around your team
  • Share BTS around your team members

Create Value

We talk about creating value in content marketing so much that it shouldn’t be a surprise; it applies here. Because you are an introverted business owner, you might have a limit on the content you feel comfortable sharing on social media. Make sure that whatever content you share is creating value for your social media audience.

For every piece of content you push out, we recommend asking yourself these questions:

  • Will this content positively impact the lives of my audience?
  • Will this content entertain, educate, inspire, or convert whoever sees it?
  • Does this content reflect the value of my business?

If any content you are about to publish doesn’t answer the above questions, don’t post it! Take it back to the drawing board, fine-tune before sharing it with your audience.

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Guided Interactions

It’s is a great marketing tool when you use it right. Social media can, however, have its drawbacks as well, especially for an introverted business owner. For example, not all feedback on your profile will be positive. If an unhappy customer complains about a product on your feed, it might make you uncomfortable to have such a conversation in the open. But, it is important that you do, at least to an extent.

How you interact with negative clients says a lot about your brand. This shows your audience if you truly stand for your values or not. Be guided in your response to the negative, and check out these tips to helop:

  • Take the conversation to private messaging
  • Work on a solution for the customer as quickly as you can
  • Apologize in public under the customer’s post, or provide a valid response to their complaints


If after going through all the points on our list, you are still struggling with keeping your introverted nature while managing a social media business, delegate! There is nothing shameful in delegating various tasks in your business. Like most companies that delegate their content materials to custom writing reviews websites like Online Writers Rating or Best Writers Online, you can delegate various aspects of your business out.

Think of this as an investment in your business. Finding social media specialists to handle your account can have tremendous positive benefits on your business and simplify your work for you.

The best part? You don’t have to force yourself to be an extrovert when introversion is your true nature. Just because you’re an introverted business owner doesn’t mean you can’t grow your social media. Make use of the tips in this article to see positive growth in your social media accounts without changing your introverted nature. 

Frank Hamilton

Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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