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01/02/19 - Teague

Hello, 2019! I am thrilled to be writing this year’s first newsletter to you as we celebrate all the good that lies ahead. I’m curious – did you set a resolution for yourself last night as the ball dropped? Unfortunately, we know that around 80% of traditional New Years resolutions are broken by the time February rolls around. The way we usually set goals and reimagine ourselves doesn’t always work – but that doesn’t mean you can just give up on your dreams. This week, I’ll be focusing on how to create a fresh start for yourself that’s rooted in what’s truly important. What better time than the present?

number oneDefine your vision.

Before deciding on the what part of the changes you want to make, it’s vital that you first focus on the why. For any new adventure – big or small – defining a vision that’s true to you and what you want your future to look and feel like will help you to craft goals that are truly aligned with what you believe in. Here are a few questions to ask yourself in this step: What do I need more of in this next phase of my life? How can I make my future self proud? What themes will I carry through this next chapter?


number 2 Craft an epic goal.

Once you’ve created the vision for how you want your future to look, set a meaningful goal that will help you live out the life you’re imagining. We recommend using our proprietary EPIC framework to ensure your goal is elevating, practical, impactful, and clear. The purpose of the goal is to help you measure whether you were successful in your pursuits as you set clear expectations for what you expect to accomplish. Remember – if your goal doesn’t scare you just a little bit, you probably need to dream bigger!

number threePlan milestones and action steps.

How often have you set an exciting goal only to have months pass by without any real progress? We often only think about the bigger picture and neglect how we can fit necessary changes into our lives. Once you have your epic goal, identify several milestones that would indicate clear progress. For each milestone, list out action steps that you need to engage in to achieve those milestones. Then, assign dates to each milestone so that you can ensure you’re moving forward at an appropriate pace. Last but not least, get those milestones into your calendar – and then get to work.

number fourDevelop an accountability strategy.

We all need some extra support from time to time, and that need is magnified when we are going after big goals. Whatever works best for you is the strategy you should pursue. Perhaps it’s a weekly text to a friend to update her on your progress or a nightly journaling practice where you catalogue your work. Others prefer a structured accountability plan with a trained Ama La Vida coach. Make sure that you have a plan to fall back on when things get tough and you get overwhelmed – your goals are meaningful, and it’s vital that you keep your commitments to yourself and your future.

If you identified with the structure I just laid out, I have some pretty exciting news for you. I’m thrilled to announce that our Fresh Start program starts this week, and we’d love to have you on board if you’re committed to making 2019 a year to remember. Included in the program are 4 eCoaching modules (one per week, so you spend the entire month of January crafting your incredible year ahead) plus weekly email check-ins and a 40-minute session with one of our expert coaches. We firmly believe that investing in personal development is one of the best decisions one can make in the new year, and are so excited to offer this program to you for only $139. If you’ve been wondering how you can be your best self as we start fresh this year, consider this your sign.


This week’s challenge:

If you set a New Years resolution, walk through the steps above. Did you miss any of them when you were committing to yourself and your intentions for the year? If so, press pause and dig deeper. Take the time now to create success in your future. If you haven’t set a resolution yet (no shame in that game), get to work!

Is career growth on your list of 2019 goals? Our team of expert coaches is ready to help you make it happen.


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