7 Ways Education Will Change by the Year 2020

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08/29/19 - Harry Southworth
ways education will change

These past few years, we’ve seen some tremendous changes in the education world. Science innovations have been all over the place. We’ve witnessed tremendous advancements in medicine and constantly changing technology trends. These changes are only bound to grow and become more numerous in the years that follow, which makes it essential for us to think about education. 

What kind of changes in education are necessary to keep in touch with these big changes? In this article, you’ll learn what we can expect to happen to education in 2020. It’s coming really close and yet, the inevitable changes are pretty amazing.

By 2020, we’ll witness changes in every aspect of education. The ways education will change will start from the learning environment and keep moving toward learners and teachers. As it has been for the past few years, the biggest changes will result from technology invention and advancements. With the unlimited internet access most countries have at this point, education has already become more available and accessible than it’s ever been. 

That being said, teachers are reaping the benefits of new career opportunities that don’t just limit them to traditional classroom teaching. Students are enjoying amazing access to free learning materials online. Finally, the degree programs are moving toward a more learner-centric system. 

This is the time where education can take you to any place you want to be. You can use it to turn your ideas into reality and become a highly accomplished person. We’ve all noticed these advancements in education today. In the following few months, we can expect the following changes:

 include more custom learning experiences for the students ways education will change
number one

More Customized Learning

Learning is becoming more and more customized every day. There have been all kinds of research that’s shown that a more customized approach toward teaching a student is more successful. This is where it all started. Teachers have started to customize the syllabus based on the pace of learning of their students, use various methods to prompt students to express what they have learned and wand to learn, etc. 

For example, instead of just studying materials and writing the occasional paper, education today requires the writing of dozens of different paper types. These aren’t just used to evaluate the students’ progress, but also to build a myriad of different skills, as well as get insight that would help teaches customize the learning process. 

In 2020, we can expect this to be even more prominent in the educational system. The number of such assignments that allow students to express themselves will just grow. Because of it, we can also expect a growth in interest in essay maker usa companies. Until the system establishes an equilibrium that gives students enough freedom and time to do what needs to be done, they’ll need some help to meet every deadline.

Things like standardized testing have been judged by parents for so long. This is one of the biggest issues of today’s education, especially since private schools manage to create a more personalized learning experience. Naturally, the more customized the learning is, the more benefits it brings to the students. 

This is why the following year will bring us new customization tricks and efforts that will mostly be helped by technology (check out this article that explains how technology tools, such as CRM, can also boost education). With the help of technology, this process has come really far in the past decade. 

number 2

Increased Accessibility

Because of the accessibility to learning materials and data online, there are plenty of changes happening in the world of education. Just recently, students have stopped using the traditional books and moved to digital e-book reading. Others eliminated the need to read whatsoever and decided to go for short reviews from people who’ve actually done the reading. 

This is definitely not a good result of the increased accessibility, but let’s not forget about the tremendous benefits technology brought us. Once the knowledge and information became accessible to anyone with an internet connection, we’ve experienced a tremendous advantage over students who studied in the past. 

In 2020, we can only expect the accessibility to improve, both geographically, and virtually. We’ll still need to establish better system for obtaining the real and relevant information only, but that’s a work in progress. 

number three

Remote Communication Will Reduce Real Communication

More and more, students and teachers are eliminating the need for actual face-to-face communication. Technology has made it possible for them to access and share educational materials and information easily. However, this has also been detrimental to actual, human communication without the help of technology. 

In 2020, we can only expect this bad effect to grow. Students rarely communicate with professors and other students by visiting the offices or working on projects together. Everything is done with the help of technology. They speak to professors via e-mails and messages, work on projects via social media and platforms like Skype, and use messages and phone calls instead of speaking face-to-face. 

 in the near future ways education will change

These are the updates of the modern life, but, despite the many warnings of them eliminating real human communication, we can’t really expect this to improve in the following months.

number four

The Need for Teacher Training Will Only Grow

Teachers need to keep track of technology changes, and we all know it. Even though technology changes every aspect of life, we are definitely far from the point where teachers are no longer a necessity. This may never happen, but it is why teachers need to go through training to get a better grasp of what modern students need today. 

Education is currently driven by technology use. Therefore, the traditional methods, as well as teachers’ training is now outdated and no longer effective. If the need of further training was big now, it will only get bigger in 2020. 

number five

We Won’t See the Diploma in the Same Way as Before

Student debt is a real issue nowadays. More and more students decide to invest into their education. In the past decades, the competition has grown so much, there’s hardly a person who hasn’t at least seriously considered to get a student loan and enroll into college/ university. 

However, with this increased interest in education came the crippling debt. This is where all that pressure against high tuition costs comes. So, in the near future, we can expect many innovations and changes in this field. Higher educational institutions will have to start working on the gap between education and employment, and change the tuition fees accordingly.

Until that happens, we will definitely see diplomas as less relevant than before. These are certifications that show that the candidate spent several years in school, which will not prove his competence. The job search process will focus more on skill and experience, and less on certifications. 

Students’ Voices Will Be Louder

Students are complaining about many things today. They’ve started expressing their thoughts and feelings openly, something that was neither allowed nor appreciated before.

But, today’s world is a more liberate world. This is why we can expect students to only get louder about their needs and expectations in 2020. 

 in the coming years ways education will change
number 7 ways education will change

The Institutions Will Have to Adapt

Everything that was discussed above will lead to one recurring change – institutions will have to adapt to all the changes. Education will change its means, strategies, techniques, and even curriculum. It does the same every year and with every new technology change. 

Final Thoughts

These are the things that we can expect in 2020. It’s not far at all, but the changes are inevitable and pretty big. The world moves faster than it ever has, so we can expect education to move in that direction, too. It might not be as fast as we’d want it or expect it to, but changes will inevitably happen. 

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