Our proprietary eCoaching technology was developed by experienced and certified coaches.  It has been designed to mimic the experience of working with a live coach and empowers your employees to arrive at their own thoughtfully considered insights and solutions.  This means that every individual receives a uniquely tailored experience and finishes feeling enlightened, motivated and empowered.  We currently offer two eCoaching programs: “Illuminate Your Purpose” and “Live Your Purpose”.

Support Employees to Discover Their Passions, Gifts, Values and Purpose

Illuminate Your Purpose

A desire for Purpose is a common thread across all generations. Employees want to do purposeful work – work that is meaningful and in turn is motivating and engaging. Illuminate Your Purpose (IYP) is a virtual eCoaching program designed and developed by experienced GenIN coaches to help your employees understand and articulate their purpose and how they can live it out at work. Through a series of deep, thought provoking questions, IYP takes the user on a self-reflective journey to understand them self in new ways – what motivates them, what distinguishes them, what guides their decisions and what makes them feel fulfilled. They then develop strategies and goals to embrace and apply their insights at work. The program consists of 5 core modules, totaling approximately 3 hours, as well as a 1hr community coaching call upon completion. Our recommendation is that the program is completed over a four week period.

"I can now fully articulate what is important to me, what my strengths are and I finally have an actionable path going forward"

Empower Employees to Live Their Purpose at Work

Live Your Purpose

The Live Your Purpose (LYP) eCoaching program naturally follows from IYP. Once employees understand their Purpose and all of its components – their passions, their values and their gifts – the next step is to translate their insights into actionable strategies and goals at work. In the LYP program, employees are supported and held accountable through a series of planning tools, progress check-ins and development resources. By the end of the program, employees will have achieved one EPIC* goal relating to their Purpose and will be equipped with the necessary tools and strategies to continue their purpose-driven growth and development.

*EPIC stands for elevating, practical, incremental and clear

"The self-directing learning and development approach allows you to draw your own conclusions and feel empowered about who you are and where you are headed"