Engage Your Employees

Illuminate Your Purpose

Engage, motivate, and retain your employees by increasing self-awareness and learn what motivates them to come to work. This is a four-week intensive combining 1:1 coaching sessions with an executive coach and online eCoaching modules.

Empower Your Managers
to Lead

Elevate Leadership Program

Our Elevate Leadership program arms your managers to lead, coach and empower their team members. This is a twelve-week intensive combining 1:1 coaching sessions with an executive coach, workshops and online eCoaching modules.

Developed Just for You

Design Your Custom Program

Looking to leverage your internal resources and scale leadership development? We work with organizations to design and develop their own customized programs combining custom eCoaching, 1:1 sessions and workshops or team coaching.


Our Clients Say…

“I do think it is a very valuable program for new managers. I think supporting new managers to have confidence in their skills this could be very helpful.”

“I learned that consistency is helpful for a leadership team and could be expanded so much. Some deeper conversations need to occur to support consistency and common philosophy as we lead our teams.”

“The self-paced completion made it really easy to work through in my own time.”

“Great program. Really provided a lot of insight on areas of my life that I don’t necessarily take the time to think deeply about.”

“This program is hugely engaging and thought-provoking for any working professional. Whether you know yourself inside and out or are just getting started. The self-directing learning and development approach is powerful in that it doesn’t seek to pigeon-hole you into anything, but rather it allows you to draw your own conclusions and feel empowered about who you are and where you are headed in life.”

“I really enjoyed thinking about and gaining individual clarity on my own passion, gifts, values, and purpose.  These concepts are never discussed in the workplace and help drive engagement in your personal and professional life.”


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