What is Body
Confidence Coaching

Too many women spend their lives struggling with food, binge eating and yo-yo dieting and can’t remember the last time they felt comfortable in their own skin. It can feel like you’re stuck on the hamster wheel of trying endless diets and work outs, hoping something will work to keep the weight off, only to find yourself back where you started. Our Body Confidence coaching aims to help women feel confident in their body, end this cycle of nonstop dieting and trust themselves again. This is for you if:

  • You’re stuck. You’ve tried all the diets, workouts and personal training sessions but still don’t feel comfortable in your body
  • You often find yourself trying to be “good” after a “bad” weekend
  • You compare yourself to other women, feeling like you’re not ____ enough, unworthy or less than
  • You want to learn more about health, wellness, repairing your relationship to food and your body, and how to restructure your self-care routine to help you feel your absolute best every single day
  • You want to feel confident, empowered and worthy so you can start living your best, most authentic, healthiest life
  • You’re open-minded, motivated, excited and can’t wait to add a new chapter to your wellness journey, one that will have a happy and healthy ending

If you found yourself nodding “yes” to any (or all) of these statements, our Body Confidence Coaching is for you.

The ALV Body Confidence Method can help you with:

• Being Present• Habit Change• Essential Nutrition• Personal Growth
• Creativity and Self Expression• Shifting Habitual Thought Patterns and Beliefs• Relationship with Food/Body/Lifestyle• Accomplishing Significant Goals
• Stress Reduction• Financial Wellness• Overcoming Self-Sabotage• Body Movement
• Increasing Organization and Productivity• Reclaiming Personal Power• Building and Strengthening Relationships• Finding and Living Your Purpose

Why ALV Body Confidence Coaching?


Our coaches are all rigorously trained from top certified coaching programs. They are experts in their craft and utilize science-backed coaching techniques and methodologies.


We have processes and deadlines at work or school that keep us on track and ensure we get things done. When those are lacking in our personal lives, it is easy to let things slip. Months even years can go by without us making the changes we need to be happier and healthier.

Working with a coach provides you with a structured approach to your health and wellbeing and is a built in accountability system to keep you on track. Even when you encounter roadblocks or struggle to stay motivated, your coach is there every step of the way to help you get back up and keep moving forward.

Sustainable change.

Coaching is not a quick fix. It’s not an overnight miracle (or a product claiming that it is!). Coaching is a way to create sustainable change in your life. Our proprietary coaching methodologies ensure you experience tremendous growth throughout our 12 week program and that you have the tools and accountability structure you need to continue to be successful on your own after our work is done.

Meet Your Body
Confidence Coach

Jill Dreisilker, Certified Health Coach

Jill Dreisilker

My name is Jill, and I am a Certified Health Coach with ALV. My foundational coaching belief is that everyone has the power to change their life no matter what their past looks like. Everyone’s definition of health and wellness looks and feels different, which is why my approach to coaching is highly personalized for each clients’ individual needs and lifestyle. No matter what blocks or limiting beliefs you have that are keeping you stuck, we will work through them together so you have a clear path and life-long tools to help you achieve your goals and live your healthiest and best life.

About The ALV
Body Confidence Method

The ALV Body Confidence Method is a 12-week coaching journey. This program is intended to create sustainable change in your life through mental shifts, emotional breakthrough and habit changes.

During your weekly 1:1 sessions with Coach Jill, she will help you overcome obstacles, celebrate victories and brainstorm solutions! Our coaching is highly personalized, and so each person’s journey through the program will be different. Here is a brief overview of the framework we will follow and the content we may cover in our work together:

Career coaching client working on an eCoaching module to help her identify her unique gifts

Assess – Session 0

Establish your baseline status and emotions around your current relationship with food and body image and what you’re needing the most support on.

A phone with a LinkedIn page showing

Discover – Sessions 1-4

Define your goals and your “why,” discover what gives you energy, honor what best serves you, and revisit/adjust the goals you set.

A woman looks at her computer

Implement – Sessions 5-8

Combat self-sabotage, define healthy behaviors and activities, hone in on relaxation, and nourish what matters. Iterate and refine habits.

A woman on a zoom call with a coach

Transition – Sessions 9-12

Harness your personal power, acknowledge your accomplishments, and tie up any loose ends. Determine go-foward accountability plan.

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