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Ama La Vida is a career, leadership, life and health coaching company with a mission to help people “love their lives” which is the meaning of our name.

Chicago is the location of our headquarters, the place we affectionately call the Happiness Hub. It’s there that you’ll find our co-founders, Foram and Nicole, as well as our marketing and operations teams. We regularly host events in our office – come stop by and meet us in person!


Our take on the Chicago job market:

The job market in Chicago is strong. As a hub for commerce in the Midwest, Chicago has a multitude of career possibilities while still being a relatively affordable city to live in. Chicago has a blossoming tech scene full of both local startups and offices being opened here by SF-based tech companies. You can click here to browse Chicago job postings.

We coach clients each and every day through career transitions in the Chicago market. We find no shortage of opportunities in public, private and non-profit sectors. When you work with Ama La Vida, you immediately become a part of our community, and we do our best to put our networks to work for you and help connect you with the organizations of interest to you in Chicago.

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Our take on the Chicago health scene:

Ranked on healthcare, food, fitness and green space, Chicago scores among the top healthiest cities in America. With both traditional and boutique fitness booming in this city, you have no shortage of options. And if gyms and classes aren’t for you Chicago boasts miles upon miles of beautiful lakefront trails, perfect for jogging, biking or walking.

For us, health and wellbeing isn’t limited to physical fitness and nutrition. It also speaks to healthy mind, emotional state and relationships. Chicago also offers plenty of options to support your overall wellbeing including coaching firms (duh), meditation centers, bath houses and relaxation options. Just a short walk from the ALV headquarters you’ll also find Next Door, a free coworking space and financial coaching center sponsored by State Farm.

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Meet Our Chicago-Based Coaches


Foram is an Ama La Vida Co-Founder and our Chief Coaching Officer, meaning she works closely with our team of coaches and ensures we are delivering an incredible coaching experience. While a skillful coach in all contexts, Foram specializes in leadership coaching. She coaches thoughtfully and lovingly, but she is certainly not afraid to challenge and hold you accountable.

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Jill Dreisilker


Jill is one of our stellar health coaches. She specializes in coaching people to become their most confident self, she's works with clients to develop self-love and overcome the obstacles in their way by incorporating a component of self-awareness and wellbeing. Jill is a fitness instructor and yoga junkie all while being a fantastic coach!

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Libby Micheletti Photo


Libby is one of our incredible career and life coaches. She specializes in coaching people through transitions and, though often focusing on career and business goals, she always incorporates a component of self-awareness and wellbeing. Libby is multi-passionate, being a skillful marketer and certified yoga instructor in addition to being a phenomenal coach.

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sophie bibbs


Sophie is one of our fantastic health coaches. She specializes in coaching people through improving their gut health, taking control of their IBS and owning their nutrition in a way that works for them. She achieves incredible results with her clients through increase overall self-awareness to create a holistic definition of wellbeing. Sophie practices self-care by being a coffee connoisseur and taking long runs by the lake which allows her to invest in herself so she can continue being a stellar coach.

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