0717 TOM ~ Presence 2

"Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have" ~ Eckhart Tolle

Hi , happy to see you here! By completing this eCoaching session you are continuing to invest in your personal and professional development which is incredibly important to help you be successful at work and happy at home.

This month we will focus on being more present. Studies show that when we are not present, we worry more, we lose focus, we lose energy, just to name a few.

In honor of this theme, we would like you take a moment before you start and encourage you to turn of all distractions:

• Put your phone on silent
• Disable notifications
• Close your door, go to a conference room or do whatever you need to do to allow yourself to be alone with your thoughts
• Commit yourself to being present with this activity for the next 20 minutes and getting the most out of it as you possibly can
• Close your eyes and take three deep breaths




Okay, ready? Let's do this!

During the next twenty minutes, you are going to explore the powerful concept of presence - why it's important and how you can achieve more of it. The idea is not just to understand it conceptually but to walk away with actionable strategies that you can start working on right away!

Awareness and understanding are the first steps, but the real power comes from you practicing this skill throughout the month.

Before we get started, let’s gauge your level of presence today. Please answer these questions with one being "strongly disagree" and five being "strongly agree":

Great! Then what are we waiting for? Let's make that happen!