Reflected Best Self

TOM Reflected Best Self

Who are you when you're at your best?

The reflected best self is an exercise aimed at helping you understand and leverage your strengths. You will get feedback on when and how you function at your best from those who know you professionally and personally.

Below you will see spaces to enter the names and email addresses of 9 people. Think about people who know you in different capacities and try to mix up the people you select. You may want to select former or current colleagues, your partner or family members, friends, mentors or mentees. Once you enter their contact details and press submit, they will be sent a short survey to complete with a handful of questions about you. If you're curious, you can view that survey here.

We'll send each person an email with the survey, but we also suggest you send them a personal email or text to let them know and give them some context. If you haven't received an email about their submission in 7 days, don't forget to follow up!