Let It Go

TOM 0817 ~ Letting Go

Hi and welcome to our "Letting Go" eCoaching Tool.

Firstly, congratulations on continuing to invest in your personal and professional development. It is the best investment you can make.

Before we dive in, here is a quick word from Coach Katie:

Ok. Ready to go? Let's start with a quick story.

Two traveling monks reached a town where there was a young woman waiting to step out of her sedan chair. The rains had made deep puddles and she couldn’t step across without spoiling her silken robes. She stood there, looking very cross and impatient. She was scolding her attendants. They had nowhere to place the packages they held for her, so they couldn’t help her across the puddle.

The younger monk noticed the woman, said nothing, and walked by. The older monk quickly picked her up and put her on his back, transported her across the water, and put her down on the other side. She didn’t thank the older monk, she just shoved him out of the way and departed.

As they continued on their way, the young monk was brooding and preoccupied. After several hours, unable to hold his silence, he spoke out. “That woman back there was very selfish and rude, but you picked her up on your back and carried her! Then she didn’t even thank you!"

“I set the woman down hours ago,” the older monk replied. “Why are you still carrying her?”

I wanted to share that classic Zen story because it is a perfect representation of what so many of us do every single day - unnecessarily carry around things from the past that rob us of our energy to enjoy our present and future.

This eCoaching tool will support you to let go of negative past experiences that are weighing you down so that you can move forward with a clearer head and lighter heart.

We will accomplish this in four steps:

1) Awareness
2) Acceptance
3) Rewiring
4) Letting Go

You will finish with new insights, actionable commitments and powerful strategies to let go of the things that hold you back and no longer serve you.

Remember that your answers are completely confidential, so dig deep and be honest with yourself. At times there may be questions that are challenging, confronting or simply aren't resonating. That is okay. If this happens, simply write what you are feeling. Also, as you go through the questions, feel free to write whatever thoughts or feelings the question or your response prompts. There is no right or wrong answer and we want you to have the freedom and flexibility to explore the emotions triggered. Finally, if there is anything you are struggling with, please write it down and send it to your coach. It is the questions that challenge us most that also hold the greatest opportunity for insight and growth.

Before we move on, please answer the below quick questions with one being "strongly disagree" and five being "strongly agree". When you're finished, click "next" and we can get started.