Kill ’em With Kindness

04/17 ~ Kindness #1

"Our days are far brighter when we give people a piece of our heart rather than a piece of our mind"

What does kindness mean to you? Why are you kind? Is it because you want to be or is it because you feel you "should" be? Kindness is a word that is used a lot. Maybe even so much that we rarely, if ever, sit back and actually reflect on it - its meaning, its value, its effect. In the next ten or so minutes, you'll dive into the world of kindness and finish with some powerful ideas, insights and action steps to be healthier, happier and kinder. But first, please take five minutes to watch this short video.

Wow, the power of being kind!

Kindness is a word that it is thrown around a lot. From when we are very young, we are taught to be kind. We are taught to share, and to not say mean things to other people. Some of us are perhaps even taught to give back to others and the community.

Perhaps what we aren't taught is just how good kindness is for our health.

Kindness stimulates the production of serotonin in our brains (the same chemical targeted by anti-depressants) and helps us calm down and feel happy. The best part is that this is true for the giver, the receiver and everyone who witnesses it. Just think about it... how did you feel when you watched that short video? Even though you weren't the giver or the receiver of kindness, just watching the acts of kindness take place made you feel happy (and perhaps even a little emotional).

But wait! There's more!

Not only does kindness make the giver, the receiver and the observer happier, but every act of kindness also spreads through three degrees of separation.

If Sarah sees John being kind, it compels Sarah to be kind, and when Emma sees Sarah being kind, it compels Emma to be kind, and when Emma is kind... yeah... you get it 🙂

Beyond serotonin, kindness also releases endorphins (the same chemical stimulated by sex, chocolate and exercise) and oxytocin, also known as "the cuddle hormone" which makes you feel calm, generous, trusting AND also strengthens the immune system. Woah, right?

So, if every single act of kindness grows the spirit, strengthens the soul AND makes us happier and healthier... then what are we waiting for? Let's figure out how we can be more kind!

When you are ready, answer the questions below: