Certified Success Coach, Symbiosis and Certified Coaches Alliance

Certified Positive Psychology Practitioner, School of Positive Transformation

Bachelor’s Degree, Marketing Communications, American University

This is my story

My 30 years of experience navigating the challenges and opportunities that come from working for large multinational companies have taught me that there is no greater skill and asset for success than active listening. Throughout my career as a client counselor and team leader, my greatest insights came from simply being quiet, listening to what was being said (and not being said) and asking questions to further my understanding. This approach has helped me to hear the unspoken needs that, when addressed, can unleash an organizations’ or individuals’ power to achieve their goals. What’s better than being truly heard?

Part of my desire to coach has come from watching my sons be coached throughout their basketball careers…and there was a lot of basketball and so much observing! The coaches that unlocked the best of them focused less on those areas that needed “fixing’ and more of on their strengths. That strength-based approach is what drew me to the study of positive psychology and is fundamental to how I grow each day and help others to strengthen the muscles they need to achieve their goals.

My Coaching Approach

I approach coaching with a clear focus on goal setting, identifying and refining a long-term goal, and then very specific actionable steps toward reaching that goal. I tend to refine goals by asking people to consider what achieving the designated goal will mean to them, how it would feel to achieve the goal and what is standing in the way of them reaching the goal today. I often use a GROW approach to initial sessions: Goal. Reality. Options. Way forward.

Most of my work with clients will be to identify their primary strengths – those traits, powers and gifts that have always worked well for them. Then, I work with them to identify secondary strengths – areas that are present in their character but if strengthened can help them achieve their goals with greater ease and confidence. My approach is always to strengthen what is “right” as opposed to dwelling on what is “wrong.” I use some proven positive psychology resources and tools to coach a client to broaden and build those strengths. I will introduce a VIA strength assessment to clients for their consideration.

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